Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday Gossip!

Today in gossip - A PILE OF STORIES! Film promotions; character actors; Rajesh Khanna; people bigging themselves up; and an adorable thank you from the team of 3!

* It's official - everybody hates film promotions.

"Stars and actors were introduced to the audiences through film. The first impressions were unnatural. Large screens, darkened theatres, and acts being performed that were the epitome of fantasy. There was a mystery around these exalted bodies. But now, say the purists, that has disappeared," Amitabh once wrote on his blog.

* If this is a taste of the Ek Main aur Ekk Tu promotions, they are going to be hilarious.

When asked to Kareena about Imran's one bad quality, Kareena candidly reveals, ''He doesn't have a good sense of humour. I don't like his jokes they are not funny. But he is a very cool guy (laughs).''

And KJo? Anything you want to add?

However, when probed about Censor Board's decision Karan Johar, unlike other filmmakers, took it lightly and quite sarcastically expressed his annoyance towards it.

"Both censor and I have a same problem. Well, we don't have sex life," quips Karan.

Also, don't even THINK of mentioning What Happens in Vegas.

* This just in: working hard behind-the-scenes making films is a thankless job.

* Check out a short video from the BBC on "Anil" Kapoor and making it in Hollywood. (Did they really have to pronounce his name like that the entire time?)

* Omi Vaidya is philosophical about his roles.

“Almost any actor you have in Bollywood is bracketed into a type. John Abrahan will always be the hunky guy. Whatever has clicked with the audience before is repeated again in films. In future I will be given the chance to do better things but as of now people are enjoying what I am best at."

* Rana may be history but Rajinikanth is gearing up for another film. Sneha has been tapped for a role although rumors of a Bollywood heroine are making the rounds.

* Mahesh Bhatt is casting Sunny Leone but she won't be nude. Who thought she would be?! Even though it's Jism 2 that doesn't mean it's a porn film... unless he switched to an English title.

* Agent Vinod may still be in progress but good old plastic-faced Saifu has begun gearing up for Imtiaz Ali's Cocktail. I wonder how these films are going to play out...

* Catch up with Deepti Nawal!

While most actors obsessively concentrate on their career once they break in, Deepti didn't. “I should have!” she responds impulsively and laughs. “Not really,” she continues. “I had pure interest in many things apart from acting. There comes a time in films when you're expected to repeat yourself; there's no growth in that. Moreover, the parallel cinema movement fizzled out at a certain point. In realistic cinema, the roles no longer enamoured me.”

* You aren't fooling anyone, Preeti Desai.

Quizzed on what attributes budding actors need to possess to make it in Bollywood, Desai takes on a serious timbre: "The main thing is passion. You have to be passionate," she says. "It's a huge industry and it's not easy. You have to be persistent and it usually isn't something that can just happen overnight."

Right... now, talk to us again when you've actually "made it" beyond being Abhay Deol's girlfriend. You forgot to mention that in your interview.

(Actually, try giving Vashu Bhagnani a call - he's desperate.)

* Somebody who HAS made it - Vidya Balan who talks about becoming "wholesome."

“Yes, I gained 12 kilograms for this film because this girl belongs to the South film industry and the actresses were mostly wholesome out there, especially the dancing stars. So, I had to put on weight. Initially, I was a little apprehensive and I did not want to put on so many kilos, but then I realised that if I don’t do it, I wouldn’t be doing justice to the role. So, then I went ahead and put on 12 kilograms,” added Balan.

(Has she really been nicknamed Bombaat Balan? Because that is really cute! "Bombaat" is one of the few Kannada words I know!)

* Also, Dirty Picture is banned in Pakistan.

* Akshay gives the WORST interviews... by which I mean the BEST interviews. He really couldn't care less about playing the game.

There has been a lot of talk about your father-in-law Rajesh Khanna being ill. What’s going on?

My father-in-law is fine. In fact, we are soon going on a vacation (Mumbai Mirror learns that the Khannas and Kumars will go to Goa to usher in Twinkle’s birthday on December 29). There are too many unnecessary rumours about my father-in-law. You know what, he doesn’t know anything about Bigg Boss and the media spread stories last year that he was going to be in the show. What else you want me to say on him?

THIS IS TOO CUTE! The team of 3 thanks us all for watching "Kolaveri" so many (many) times!

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