Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Gossip!

It must have been a quiet day in Mumbai today...

* Although hearing the name "Peshawar" might trigger images of scary religious fundamentalists for the Western media, my first thought is always THE KAPOORS. Their ancestral home in Peshawar is going to receive heritage status, as is Dilip Kumar's.

* Veena Malik in another annoying publicity stunt to give the tabloids something to write about - she went "missing" but was found.

* Guide is being re-released, which is awesome. I hope prints make their way to the USA, although I am concerned at news that the score is being re-recorded.

* Karan Johar has a limited understanding of the words "unusual" and "different."

"What's unusual is what's different and what's different is what is working today. So, I think Imran and Kareena being unusual is the USP of the film," the 39-year-old director-producer said at the 160th year celebration party of cosmetic brand "Kiehl's".

* And sad news for everybody... Abhishek's rap album has been indefinitely shelved.

Trailer for Ekaveera, which looks like an old-fashioned revenge movie... at least with my non-existent Telugu skills.

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