Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Gossip!

First things first... Osthi wasn't just The Mass, he was THE BOSS! I'll have my review up this morning!

They showed the trailer for the R. Madhavan/Arya film, which looks excellent, and for Short Term Shaadi Boring Title Movie which also looks even more dull when shown on the big screen... like, Break Ke Baad dull.

Ladies vs Ricky Bahl this afternoon!

And onto GOSSIP!

* Meet the part time music director Raghu Dixit!

* Remembering Smita Patil.

Audiences hungry for something 'different' from Bollywood's regular dole of potboilers were smitten by her earthy looks and powerful histrionics. Along with peers like Shabana Azmi, Naseeruddin Shah and Om Puri, she became one of the biggest stars of the new wave of cinema that was exploring fresh territory then.

* Sarah Jane Dias talks Panjaa.

So, is it that easy to act in Telugu or Tamil films even if you don’t speak a word of those languages? “There are so many heroines who work in the South Indian industry and cannot speak the language. So who am I to find it difficult? Frankly, it was very easy. Also, I believe if you put your mind into something, it can never be difficult. I don’t know the Telugu or Tamil. However, Telugu is definitely a much easier language in comparison to Tamil,” adds Sarah, who made her film debut in Game, featuring Abhishek Bachchan.

Here is the thing with actresses who fail at Bollywood moving South - some of them are actually talented and some of them aren't. There are certain actresses who didn't make it in Hindi films because they were not thin enough or not related to the right people. The Southern industries can be more forgiving of both "faults." Other actresses are just terrible actresses... like Sarah Jane Dias. I saw Game. That movie was shit but there were some decent performances in it. Hers was not one of them.

* Here's an interesting catch-22... Shiney Ahuja is only noteworthy now BECAUSE of his rape conviction but he would rather we all forget it. But if we did, would anybody be talking about Shiney Ahuja? No.

* Oh, interesting! It's Prakash Jha directing the Ko remake. It was a serious topic as the theme of the film but I don't know how well Prakash Jha is going to handle the batshit insane parts of that film. He might just take them out... which would be sad but would fit with more contemporary Bollywood. One suggestion, Prakash-sir. Cast Arjun Rampal as the "Vasanthan" character. After Raajneeti, I know he could do it!

* Oh, Jaya Bachchan, I love you! While the rest of your family is swooning over Tom Cruise, you have this to say:

“Hollywood is here to repeat what the East India Company did to India in the colonial days,” actor Jaya Bachchan has warned the film fraternity. “It will plunder all sectors of Indian film industry."

First look of Venky's Bodyguard! Trisha is the heroine.


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