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So... Filmi Girl likes to party it up on NYE so no post tomorrow and I'll see you all back with daily gossip again on Monday in 2012!

* Let's start with what should be the definitive review (other than Curry Bear's amazing one) of Don 2 from the Hollywood Reporter.

Technically, Don 2 is excellent, with good use of its locations in Germany and Malaysia. Kudos go to cinematographer Jason West (who also pops up in the role of a drug lord), returning composers Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, fight choreographer Swen Raschka and costume designer Jamail Odedra, who outfits Khan in a series of leather jackets and tailored wool ensembles that express the character’s urbanity and grace.

Okay, first of all, it's easy to be "on par with Hollywood" if you hire a Hollywood cinematographer and fight coordinator. Did anybody else catch that? So, the plan is now for Bollywood to just hire a bunch of Westerners to make films with Indian actors? Seems like a crap plan to me but what do I know...

Basically, the reviewer is like, "the movie is a good Hollywood style heist movie but WTF was up with SRK's ham act?" which I think covers it.

* Hilarious round-up of the worst of 2011.

Turd Reich: Rakesh Kumar’s Gandhi To Hitler

“Dr Goebbels ko bulao,” Adolf Hitler yells. “Bulao” (bring ‘em on), you say (in your head). Given ‘Mungeri Lal’ Raghuveer Yadav is Hitler in blue contact lenses, you wonder if ‘Dr Dang’ or ‘Gabbar’ will land up for Dr Goebbels. It’s an Andheri actor all right. Naseer (pedophile from movie Page 3) plays architect Albert Speer. He shakes his head when Hitler commands, “Yeh saare pull uda do (blow up all the bridges).” Uda do.

* Sadly, 2011 has been light on the Warsi Quotient of my media diet, so I'm VERY pleased to see that 2012 will bring one more Arshad Warsi starrer! Er... Arshad Warsi "parallel lead" film!!

"HAI RABBA MAIN KYA KAROON is meant to be a celebratory affair set in Delhi with quintessential ingredients of 'shaadi byaah', 'mauj masti' and 'naach gaana' in it. Arshad has really enjoyed whatever portions have been shot so far," informs a friend of Arshad.

Ha ha ha! Okay, PR person, we believe you. You know you have one person who will turn out to see anything Arshad is in... which this year meant that I paid to see both Double Dhamaal and F.A.L.T.U..

The link has a picture of Arshad looking mighty sexy in some glasses, so I recommend clicking on it.

* Is Maddy heading to Hollywood!? Seems like our Maddy is set to star in The Man Who Knew Infinity!

* Good news for Tamil film fans... WE ARE GETTING NANBAAN in the USA! I just hope it has subtitles because while Rajapattai was comprehensible without them, I have a feeling Nanbaan will be more dialogue driven.

* Dhoom 3 postponed for Talaash, which is fine by me because it means time for Kat's botox to wear off.

KATRINA KAIF, DON'T YOU DARE REPEAT THAT PLASTIC EXPERIMENT! There is only one Bollywood Madam and his name is Saif Ali Khan.

* This is the problem with mixing Heroes and Actors - how is what Salman and Shahrukh did this year remotely comparable to Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar? Apples and Oranges and yet there they all are in the Best Actor category.

* Ram Charan Teja's debut is confirmed as the remake of Zanjeer... at least for now.

* Naseer likes playing the bad guy.

“I love playing those (negative) characters. I don't like playing the good guy, it is very boring. My favourite roles are the ones that I did in Mirch Masala and Mohra. These are the characters which are up my ally and I thoroughly enjoyed them,” Naseer said.

* Interview with A.R. Rahman.

What does he have to say about Dhanush's song - "Kolaveri Di" - which has broken all sorts of barriers in its original format? "This song is a clutter breaker, and comes once in a while. Like "Macarena", and "Jai Ho" happened. And this sort of song comes once in a while. People don't want to comprehend, go deeper, but just enjoy the song. It is something that doesn't challenge the intellect - and for me, it would be a lighter song like "Aati Kya Khandala". Aamir took that song to a different level, and Dhanush is the Aamir of South."

* Massive piece on the cultural power of Bollywood music.

What happens in such a situation to the innumerable artistes who are exponents of marginalised forms like classical music, folk music, ghazal, geet, etc.? Do they battle on valiantly, swimming against the tide or do they just sink unnoticed? There is no single answer to these questions as each artiste evolves individual strategies or decides to fall in line with trends that are perceived to be successful.

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