Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday Gossip!

Today in gossip - we continue to HAIL QUEEN VIDYA! Also, other things happened. Ladies vs Ricky Bahl opened to mixed reviews, none of which I've read because I won't be seeing the film until Sunday!

When I told my sister the basic plot - "con man conned by his own heart" - she said (correctly), "That's your favorite story!" So, I have a feeling I'll enjoy it.

I've been trying to fit together 2011 in film in my head, pulling out my top five films, and it's been really difficult... but Tanu Weds Manu, Urumi, and Mausam are three that have stuck with me.

Enough rambling, though - here are your links!

* Dev Anand's son speaks about his father.

* Aamir Khan's son has a name - Azad Rao Khan.

* Jackie Shroff - not gay after all.

* Queen Vidya, we all bow before thee.

When her attempt to look cool in Heyy Babyy was widely criticised, Vidya said she wore whatever the film's designer Manish Malhotra made her wear. Manish's sarcastic retort was in-your-face. "I am sorry to do this to a huge star like Vidya Balan, India's answer to Paris Hilton with her impeccable dress sense, fabulous carriage and great knowledge of style. It's not as Vidya Balan has always been impeccably turned out. How can she speak about fashion sense with her fantastic figure? Who is she?" he said publicly.

What what that, Manish? Hee! I love that somebody took the time to dig up that quote.

* Shirish Kunder and Amitabh Bachchan?! I'LL BUY TICKETS RIGHT NOW!

* No Don 3 says Farhan.

* Shruti Haasan is deluding herself if she actually believes that nothing came to her on a platter.

* Ajay, I love you and I love that you want to support your friends but for the love of God, please no more so-called 'comedies' with Sanjay Dutt!

* Composer Wayne Sharpe talks about Bollywood growing profile in the West.

Indian cinema is becoming more internationally recognized as the films themselves aim to have a broader appeal. The American film industry has taken note of this and wants to see the development of a mutually beneficial relationship for both film industries. As this relationship is fostered, we will continue to see an increase in the distribution of Indian cinema, as well as more and more Bollywood actors crossing into Hollywood films and vice versa. This in turn will bolster Bollywood's position on the international stage and bring the films that so many Indians enjoy to the world.

* And as a bonus - enjoy this clueless comment from Karl Lagerfeld:

Last week in Paris at a long table laid for high tea with a maharajah, around which the world's most expensive and expensively dressed models paraded in his latest collection, he cast himself as the Queen of Hearts, pronouncing he was inspired by India because ''even the poor have dignity there''. With Wonderland logic, he explained that this was evidenced by the fact that in India ''even poor women own three gold bracelets''.

Oh, fashion industry, never change...

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