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Monday Gossip!

Good morning, world! My apologies for missing yesterday but it was the day of my big test! I think I did well but I won't get my results for a few months. It feels good to challenge yourself every once in a while!

Okay! Today in gossip - the four names making the news sites buzz - Dev Anand, Dhanush, Silk Smitha, and Sunny Leone.

I'm sure everybody has heard the sad news by now... Dev Anand passed away. The Evergreen Hero is no more.

There are a lot of nice tributes going around - some of them sharing personal stories about Dev - posted to BBC; India Today, DNA, Wall Street Journal, and the Hindustan Times.

There are also some lovely blog tributes - from Shekhar Kapur:

Dev Anand had put all his own money, almost everything he owned into Ishq Ishq Ishq. Money had no value to him, except to make films. Nothing else interested him really. On this evening he was talking calls from the press and the distributors. As always they started with excited congratulations and jubilations. His face sparked with excitement and joy. But over the next two hours, the tone changed. I could not hear what was being said, but I saw it on his face. His voice going softer. That spark that was Dev Anand dimming. In a couple of hours and a hundred calls later the reality overcame the dream. The film was a disaster on the box office.

Speaking Chic celebrates Dev Anand's fashion (with pictures).

On Books Life N More, Smita tells a funny story about the time she spoke with Dev Anand:

After that call I scouted through the list and saw Dev Anand’s number and with baited breath dialled it and here’s what happened

Tring-Tring-Tring-Tring and the call gets picked up

Me: Hello!
The person on the other side: Hello! (Mind you it was said stylishly)
I had recognised the voice & thus with millions of butterflies in my tummy I said
Me: Can I speak to Dev Anand?
Him: Speaking.
Me: Is this really Dev Anand as in Dev Anand?
Him: Yes!!

And I disconnected the call.

The Washerman's Dog has up a tribute and songs from Dev Anand's Darling Darling:

Tonight’s post is from one of those flops, Darling Darling. Released in 1977 it starred his biggest discovery as well as his greatest heartthrob the gorgeous Zeenat Aman in an Eliza Doolittle type role. For years Dev was in love with Zeenat which makes this and other similar vintage films with her memorable as the songs take on an additional level of poignancy.

* With death hanging in the air, it's nice that we got this news from Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao - they have a new baby boy!

* In other, much less meaningful news, Tom Cruise's over-hyped and unimportant visit to India is clogging up my newsfeed. Can he go home already?

* I've been ignoring this story but it seems to have gotten a bit more serious. Veena Malik alleged posed nude for FHM but then now she is suing saying that she didn't pose nude. This is the second time this year FHM has gotten into some trouble with the actresses not liking the attention their images receives. Remember Kajal Agarwal's topless shoot?

* Anushka Sharma in a rare interview that actually focuses on her career:

I believe that I am a director's actor. I need a director to get good work out of me and Maneesh is a director who I can completely trust. I know how he visualizes because he sees his script not just on the level of the script but he takes it a little beyond and he always gives it his treatment and always creates something else with it.

* The Great Khali regrets his time in Bollywood.

* The BBC tackles Sunny Leone.

Many observers have contrasted the relative tolerance of Leone's TV appearance with a recent crackdown by police in a city near Delhi on unmarried couples visiting parks. But the spread of the internet in India – there are 80 million users in the country but the total is projected to exceed 230 million within five years – has meant an explosion in pornography sites catering for Indians.

* Meanwhile Tehelka tackles the other current media darlings - Dhanush...

TO UNDERSTAND what Dhanush might mean, we must look at the roles fashioned for him by his brother, the director Selvaraghavan. While Dhanush might now be his own man, his screen persona owes much to this collaboration by which Tamizh cinema’s notion of streetchic acquired new edge.

... and Silk Smitha.

Silk Smitha has probably never been better dressed than in Halli Meshtru. Mercifully, her clothes don’t suffer from their usual variability. Four different film industries with fluctuating budgets have led to the odd fashion disaster. Her polychromatic, nylon saris with correspondingly spare blouses are impossibly hot. She is the teacher of everyone’s (except the male protagonist’s) fantasies. Her character’s name? Silk. “Mysore silks?” enquires one old man.


Moimeme said...

The text of Veena Mallik's lawsuit filing is given in this article;

Smita said...

Apaprently FHM has filed a counter lawsuit against Veena Malik now :D

Gets interesting!

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