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Friday Gossip!

No new releases releasing here this weekend... so everybody can go out and enjoy NEW YEAR'S EVE TOMORROW! Let's party like it's... already 2012! Woo!

Today in gossip - more end of the year wrap ups from various sources, Neil Nitin Mukesh is enjoy the spotlight, Naseer talks stardom, and some casting speculations!

* Neil Nitin Mukesh would like to be on par with Hollywood.

“If you see those (Hollywood) films doing well then it because there imagination and execution is that powerful."

Oh, really? Then how do you explain Michael Bay?

Apparently we can look forward to twists and turns and piles upon piles of double-crosses in Players. I'm kind of hoping it's going to be one of those so-bad-it's-good movies... like the second half of Love Story 2050.

* Check out DNA's list of the Top Controversies of the Year.

When you are an A-list heroine, expect the income tax officials to land up at your door unannounced. That is exactly what happened with actors, Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif when officials from the IT Department came knocking at their doors for suspected tax evasion. While they both had their investment papers in place and had paid the due amount as tax beforehand, nothing came out of the raid, except for the fact that actor Shahid Kapoor was the one who opened the door at Priyanka’s apartment.

It's a pretty tame list of mostly media-generated scandals...

* The Year in Indian Entertainment told through photos.

Metallica fans were left disappointed when the band canceled a concert in Delhi at the last moment due to security and permit issues. This was the first time Metallica had come to India, and the band did later perform in Bangalore . Shown, Metallica fans in Delhi before being told the gig was off, Oct. 28.

* Bollywood Life runs through the people who they think should retire in 2012.

Nargis Fakhri: The model-turned-actor should return to her previous profession. Critics and audiences alike loved everything about Rockstar except Nargis’ performance. As a model we won’t have to endure any future attempts of hers to pass hamming off as acting even as we admire her classic beauty.

* Indian Express discusses too much Bollywood in advertising.

Atul Kasbekar, CMD of Bling, a brand management company, says that often agencies try to control this phenomenon. “I advise my clients against promoting more than four brands across industries at a time. But many other actors may choose to focus on the monetary benefits it brings if they fear that their stardom and resultant brand value may not last long,” he says.

* What would social activists and other intellectual types like to see in films in 2012?

Prasoon Joshi (Poet, Lyricist)

>> More conviction and encouragement for individual artistic expression.

>> Marketing should take a backseat and films should rely more on content.

>> Nuances should be paid more attention to in our films.

>> Audiences should support quality work.

>> We should have new faces in the film industry, who can connect to the audience.

I'm not going to argue with any of that!

* Naseer is philosophical about never achieving stardom.

“The fact that I never attained major stardom was a blessing in disguise. I am content because this is what I hoped to achieve. I am getting a lot of opportunities now, but had I been a star, which is a saleable component, I perhaps wouldn’t have."

* No surprise here - Agent Vinod pushed back to late March and I wouldn't be surprised if it gets pushed back to summer.

* The Dirty Picture has been banned in Qatar.

* Is Priyanka butthurt over the attention that Parineeti is getting?

There's a section of the trade that says the two girls who were once close, are already viewing each other as competition. In fact, a trade analyst tweeted, "Parineeti is so good in Ladies... there may come a day when we have to say Priyanka is Parineeti's cousin and not the other way around." Apparently, such comparisons are not sitting well with Priyanka and there is a slight friction.

* Rumors that Diganth is Hollywood-bound are popping up again. Note to producers - hire this guy! He's not just handsome but talented, too!

* Bodyguard director Siddique does not want to be King of the Remakes.

* A few more details on Prakash Jha's remake of Ko.

* Kunal Kapoor mentions Doga! WOW! I thought this film was dead - glad to see I was wrong!

* And a story for Asim... apparently Salman Khan is dragging his feet on signing on to the No Entry sequel. Let's hope he drags his feet out the door and into another film with somebody like Prabhu Deva instead.

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