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Friday Gossip!

Today in gossip - A LOT OF BUTTHURT from a bunch of different sources. And Neil Nitin Mukesh pretends that he is still relevant and the media, apparently, decided to indulge him. Possibly because they were short of stories about Veena Malik.

* Another tribute to Dev Anand - this one from Paromita Vohra emphasizes his iconoclast personality.

There are no such leading lights in Bollywood anymore, and the industry has gone back to more traditional mores. The biggest screen actors like Amitabh Bachchan prize political correctness. The big producers and directors today like Karan Johar push out movies—by the dozen—that usually revolve around a hero who doesn't lose his roots even when he's abroad. Meaning, he doesn't forget he's an upper-caste Hindu with a family estate to go back to.

OH SNAP! That is game, set, match right there.

* Take a peak inside Jharkand's film industry...

"Our films are made keeping our culture in mind and our culture is not that glamorous," she admits. "We show our villages and how, as Jharkhand develops, people are leaving the villages to go work in towns."

* Over at the Los Angeles Times Gerrick D. Kennedy, who appears to have absolutely no knowledge of Indian pop culture, attempts to write something about the Kolaveri Di video.

The 28-year-old, born Venkatesh Prabhu Kasthuri Raja, is a well-known actor in India who only began experimenting with singing his own songs this year. It's unusual, because most Bollywood film actors lip-sync to vocal tracks recorded by professional singers (it's referred to as "playback" singing).

Um... let's start with point one: Do not conflate the Tamil film industry with "Bollywood." And then point two: Gerry misses the most interesting thing about this song - that it united ALL OF INDIA with the soup-a. To erase the lines that divide North/South pop culture is pretty rare.

* Also, Akshay did not purchase the rights to remake the song as every gossip rag had previously reported. And THAT is why I ignore large swathes of the Bolly-media realm when I sift through the stories to bring you just the good stuff.

* When you already have 2011's biggest discovery VIDYUT JAMWAL for Billa 2 do you really need a second villain? The piece claims we all "remember" this guy from Singham but my memory of the lion is limited to Ajay, Kajal, and Prakash.

* Lakshmi Manchu, who made a huge splash as the snake-haired witch in the otherwise crappy Siddharth starrer Anaganaga O Dheerudu signs on to a Mani Ratnam film!

* Shiney Ahuja needs to go away.

"When time is not good then there is nothing one can do. I cannot blame one person or community or family...they have gone through a lot. When things are like that one cannot do anything," Shiney concluded.

I've said this before but whether or not he committed the crime he was convicted for (and I'm inclined to believe that he's guilty) his public image is associated with it. And for him to play the victim is clearly not working on the public's or the media's sympathy. What Shiney NEEDS to do if he is going to move past this is to take the "incident" as he refers to it head on and put the focus on the problem of sexual assault of domestics rather than his own butthurt. He needs to be out there raising money for charity or talking about statistics of sexual assault or partnering with a women's group to raise awareness instead of just pretending that HE is the victim in all this.

Despite Shiney's best efforts, nobody is forgetting that at the heart of this "incident" was a very young woman who was sexually assaulted.

* Speaking of butthurt, a fellow Washington, DC-ite has a response to Get Filmy's excellent piece on Shahrukh's publicity over-drive.

Promotions are important and the fact that you stay in the public eye when doing something new is vital. All of this has been done in Hollywood for ages. Why do we have a problem with it? The author of ‘From Loving Shah Rukh Khan To Liking Salman Khan’ also stated that the mantra for promotion these days seems to be “cheap controversies” leading to “great TRPs.” Firstly, I do not know if that was only meant for Veena Malik’s recent FHM debacle or Shah Rukh’s bike ride, or both, but the fact is that being in the media eye does lead to more people watching your show. Mark my word, Veena Ka Vivah, the new show where she tries to find a husband, will benefit from all this controversy.

I would ask whether it's worth the chance of increased eyeballs when many more people get really tired of hearing your name being mentioned...

I should also ETA that I've been chatting with this guy on Twitter this morning and it turns out that he has been watching Bollywood for only a few months and doesn't like "songs" or stylized action, so I think we can take his piece with a big grain of salt.

* And Neil Nitin Mukesh is still under the illusion that anybody cares what he thinks. Doesn't he realize his 15 minutes is up?

The actor continues, “I love all genres. If it’s a comedy, give me a nice comedy. Don’t expect me to do a put my finger in a plughole and get electrocuted and pretend like I am laughing. So let’s not do such comedies. I love situational comedy. I’d love to do a Hera Pheri. It’s a nice comedy because it is situational. It makes sense when whatever is happening.”

Right... because YOU are in a position to be acting pricy over film choice. Dude, I hate to tell you this but producers have a wide swathe of star songs willing to stick their fingers in light sockets before your name comes up on the call sheet.

* Delhi Belly... not fit to be shown on television. And I agree. They will need to some serious editing - like Kevin Smith's Mallrats on basic cable style editing.

* And enough with the obsession with retro Bollywood!!!!! I love Dev Anand, too, but do we need a medley of his songs in Lootera? Isn't it time to stop looking backwards to some imagined golden past?

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