Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday Gossssip! Ek Me aur Ek You!

Just a note - I've been studying really hard for the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) which is why I haven't been writing as many longer pieces recently. The test is on Sunday, so wish me luck studying for the next few days and hopefully I'll be back on a better writing schedule starting next week.

Today in gossip - Ek Main aur Ekk Tu trailer releases; catch up with Suniel Shetty, Malaika Arora Khan, and Akshay Kumar; some people are butthurt that Salman's staff disapproved when they rushed Salman's car; and some other odds and ends!

 * The world of underground video parlors from Caravan.

Videokaaran encourages us to think about what a video theatre might mean to people who don’t even have electricity in their village—wouldn’t it be like a magic show, comparable to the bioscopes of a hundred years ago? But there’s nothing abstract or impersonal about this film—it places the viewer right amidst its characters, with the handheld camera darting from one face to the next, mimicking the eyes of an outsider who has been taken into confidence. Scenes shot in ghostly nightlight add to the feeling of intimacy, creating the sense that Krishnan and his team spent a great deal of time with their subjects—and, indeed, this 73-minute film was culled from dozens of hours of footage of conversations.

* A rundown of the problems at Film City...

FWICE says: No safety, Insufficient number of toilets

Filmmakers say: FWICE disrupt shoots for unsubstantiated reasons

* Javed Akhtar asks where the realism in today's films is.

"The middle class, rural culture seems to have no relation to cinema nowadays. I am an urban person, have always stayed in metros, never ever lived in a village, but I can write Awadhi...but in today's writers that connect is missing," he said.

* Filmmakers fight back against the ban on smoking in films.

* Really? Does the world need a Veer-Zaara sequel? I hope this is just idle chatter.

* Akshay wants to get in his last action innings.

"I am 44-45-year-old and in another five years I won't be able to do action so I want to play the last action innings," he said.

* Bappi Lahiri is still the king of disco.

Why don’t you sing in Bollywood as often as your fans would like you to?

I am laid-back person. I like to relax. I sing in Guru five years ago. Then now, Ooh la la… all good song… very golden melody. Last year, I had superhit picture… Golmaal 3… you have seen? I sing I am a disco dancer… picturised on Mithun second time also.

* Did Salman Khan assault an activist while doing promotions in Kanpur?

46-year-old Khan was in Kanpur on August 24 for promotion of his film Bodyguard when activist and ex IIT-ian Omendra Bharat and some others crowded around the Bollywood star's vehicle to present him a Gandhi cap and request him to join their agitation.

However, they were allegedly assaulted by Shera and other security personnel, the complainant has claimed.

Um... how about you DON'T CROWD SALMAN'S VEHICLE! That's the problem right there. Of course his team is going to be worried about his safety.

* While I agree that regional cinema deserves more respect, this article cracked me up.

"Cannes wants Bollywood films. They think Indian cinema is Bollywood-type of cinema. This perception has to be changed," said Sheshadri, whose six films were rejected during his earlier submissions to the French film festival.

* Upendra's wife Priyanka is playing Suniel Shetty's wife in an upcoming film!

* Speaking of the man... catch up Suniel Shetty!

Ask him about the wave of off-beat films which are taking Bollywood by storm, and he admits that he’s quite open to the trend. “I did ‘Red Alert’, which is a socially-relevant film. I also have one which is based on the idea of capital punishment that’s being worked on, wherein the movie leaves the viewers to decide whether they are for or against it."

I quite enjoyed Red Alert. It wasn't a flawless film by any means but it had a compelling story and some great performances - especially Sameera Reddy. She deserved some recognition for that role.

* Is Jackie Fernandez signing on to a Sri Lankan film? Supposedly it's set to be the biggest budget Sinhalese film ever.

* I think it's great that the Bachchans aren't releasing pictures of the new baby. She's a BABY, not a prop. We may feel like we own a piece of their family but lets keep in mind that Amitabh, Jaya, Aishwarya, and Abhi have chosen to be in the public eye. The baby hasn't signed away her life just yet...

* Perhaps one of the reasons Malaika's items are so good is that she's not desperate for attention.

"I have always been clear that cinema is not my priority and that my family is. I'm more than glad doing the occasional special number and basking in its glory."

* The article is trying to spin this as "diva" behavior but, honestly, who wouldn't want Rani Mukerji's mum to come and be in charge of food on her film. I'm sure it was/is DELICIOUS!

* Punit Malhotra says that he's not starring in any film, contrary to the rumors being published. (AND THANK GOD.)

* On promoting films to college students...

In February, the promotion of the film Yeh Saali Zindagi at a Mumbai college saw actor Arunoday Singh smooching a college student, inevitably sparking off a huge controversy. “Film promotions in colleges have their own pros and cons. The actors who come to colleges should understand that students are influenced by them. They, therefore, should be careful with the way they behave,” says Salman Ali Khan of St Joseph’s College.

Yeah... you can invite big stars to your college but you are going to have to expect that they WILL be macking on co-eds when they get there. It's just how they roll.

The trailer for Ek Main aur Ekk Tu drops. Point one: Why do they run these titles past numerologists but not test groups and point two: Imran and Bebo have zero chemistry.


kavi said...

Maybe it has already been mentioned but doesn't 'ek main....' seem very similar to 'what happens in vegas' starring Cameron diaz & Ashton kutcher ?

kavi said...

Also, 'all the best' for your well !! :-)

Jess said...

The movie doesn't look all that interesting but Kareena is really cute here. She's hot and cold with me, but I like what I see of her in the trailer.

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