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Wednesday Gossip!

Today! Two interesting takes on The Film.

Let me preface this by saying that I'm in no way "bashing" this movie. Am I going around saying it's terrible and nobody should see it? No. Does Salman rule and SRK drool? Perhaps, but we all have our own opinions on the matter and mine is no more valid than anybody else's.

In short, enjoying discussion about a film and what it means doesn't equal "bashing" and just because I haven't seen the film doesn't mean I can't have an opinion on the issues it raises. When filmmakers go to the trouble of trumpeting their movie as a "game changer for Hindi film" then I think it is fair game to discuss it - you can't take back that claim afterwards with "but it was just an entertaininer so don't analyze it."

Anyways - the two pieces:

The first is from blogger Dolce and Namak who picks up on something I noticed, too, in 7aum Arivu - that the addition of superpowers makes the "human" hero weak, which goes against the grain of traditional masala. I was reminded a bit of the scene in Love Story 2050 where Harman Baweja uses parkour to escape of gang of Australian punks instead of just dishooming them like a normal hero would. It was incredibly frustrating to watch because it felt so wrong to see him running from the rowdies. Sure, it's not "realistic" for a hero to be able to punch a billion guys into smithereens but it's part of the masala trope. One of the things I liked about K.V. Anand's Ko was that Jeeva - though fairly naturalistic in many other ways - still dishoomed the HECK out of some bad guys. *crack* *pow* *zap*

The second piece is from Satyamshot
who talks about what it means to be "keeping up" with Hollywood and following his logic, it does make sense that most of the really glowing reviews have come from Western critics, who perhaps recognize something in the storytelling.

Anyways, today in gossip - casting news, rock purists, and Salman Khan loves... *guess who*

* I kind of love that the corporate titans of Hollywood are baffled that Indians in India prefer Indian film to Hollywood fare.

Experts agreed that, in India, big ticket Hollywood releases seldom match even mediocre Bollywood films. “Though Hollywood blockbusters have huge scope overseas, they can seldom match up to homegrown films, which have a tremendous market across the country,” film critic Rajeev Masand told India Real Time.

Why should Hollywood films be the default?

* The box office in South went Surya, Vijay, and with SRK in distant third place.

* And the media is already starting to churn rumors of a battle of the Khans. Allegedly Aamir has been tracking collections, but haven't we all? And anyways Aamir is shooting in London. I would assume he would be too busy to be doing this.

* Besides, depending on how one counts it - Himesh's Damadamm was actually the most successful movie of the weekend.

* A.R. Rahman zings rock purists.

But we do know that the general response for the music of Rockstar across the world has been phenomenal. “It has been very good,” said Rahman modestly. But the purists are asking ‘Where is the rock in it?’, he added, tongue-in-cheek humour about his own work in evidence, as always.

That made me laugh. I'm not a huge rock fan, myself, but I know the type of fan who insists that the only worthwhile band are those that write their own music and lyrics AND play their own instruments.

* Speaking of, a new interview with Rup Magon from Josh, who are making their Bollywood debut soon and he makes an interesting point:

“There is just no platform for pop music in India anymore since Bollywood has eaten all avenues up. But not in a bad way — it’s just that earlier you could get only one kind of music in Bollywood; the filmy melodies. Now you have an item number, a Minglish song, a whole spectrum of genres in just one CD. So why would anyone make the effort of buying a separate record when one CD can cater to every taste?”

* This is adorable - Salman Khan loves Bebo...'s staff and wants them to visit him in Turkey.

* And we're back to seeing Esha Deol as third heroine again for a while. The article kindly uses the words "star in" to describe Esha's role in the film but when Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma are the other two ladies, I think "be third string heroine in as a favor to Hema Malini" is a better description.

* Tushhar Kapoor's new film actually sounds kind of fun but can we all stop asking him about his marriage? I think his open secret is only slightly less open than Karan Johar's, if you catch my drift.

* Ajay Devgn-Akshay Kumar-Bad Boys remake. Yes.

* Vishal Bhardwaj's Daayan - that witch film, if you remember - might be shelved indefinitely due to casting issues, the issuse being that he couldn't find a cast for it.

And as for the other film of Vishal's that he was having trouble casting and finally settled on nobody's first choice - Imran Khan. He is making Imran put on weight in order to be "rugged." But why cast Imran in the first place if you want "rugged'?! Surely there are better actors out there who already fit the description. Is it me or has Vishal Bhardwaj really fallen into this filmi-shilmi trap the last few years. He's not making films now without a "name" attached.

I knew about this film but hadn' t seen the trailer yet...

Omi Vaidya is... BIG IN BOLLYWOOD!

And scenes from Ranbir's Rockstar concert!

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OG said...

hey FG,

The article about Indians not watching Hollywood was really interesting! I have a theory about it.

if you look at the history of India, one thing that we have always been good at doing is absorbing external influences and making it out own!

You can see it in all our religions, whether it is Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Islam, Chritianity, Zorastrianism, Judaism. We have all learned from one another to form a distinct brand of the same.

You can see it in our languages. The main two contacts languages which came into India were Persian (thru Mughals) and English (thru Brits). We absorbed Persian which gave rise to the Hindustani (hindi-urdu) language, which is a derivative of Sanskrit and Persian. We made "english" into "inglish", our very own form of english.

You can see that in our cuisine. Things like potatoes and tomatoes, chilli powder, tapioca etc were European inports and I cannot imagine our cuisine without them now.

I guess similarly, we have absorbed many of the influences in cinemas as well to make it distinctly our own..........

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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