Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday Gossip!

I feel like a fresh breeze is blowing in off the coast... wiping away all bad memories of overly-hyped films...

Today in gossip - Maddy and Arya! Arshad Warsi! Vidya Balan! Other people I like!

* Beth describes her visit to see That Movie in a local theater! Very thoughtful column...

My Friday night show of “Ra.One” in east-central Illinois got off to a happy start. The lobby of the small theater, the usual venue for Indian films in town, was jammed with chattering couples, friends and families. Once the film was underway, however, it seemed from my vantage point near the back of the full house that the audience was not demonstrably impressed. In fact, the loudest, most excited reaction was for someone who wasn’t even a part of the film – it was the cameo appearance of Rajnikanth as his robot character from “Endhiran.”

* More fallout from That Movie - distributers are suffering losses.

Sharing Amod Mehra's perspective, a head honcho of a multiplex chain attributed the dropping collections to content. Requesting his name to be withheld, he revealed, "The occupancy on Sunday was about 40 per cent, and Monday was about 20 per cent. Even the impact of 3D was not good enough."

In other words, take these sky high numbers with a large pinch of salt.

* Also, there are three words I have to say about a sequel: Do Not Want.

* Screenwriter KK Singh has passed away. My sympathies to his family.

* Farah Khan is choreographing three songs for Joker! Yay!

* Ajith's Mankatha is another potential Hindi remake.

* Actress Ameesha Yadav is caught in a sex tape with an unnamed but "well-known" Tamil actor. I couldn't Google up any rumors of who the actor is but if you know, do tell!

* Rishi, Naseer, and Boman Irani playing best friends in a new film? Sounds good to me!

* Ranbir Kapoor takes his career very seriously, which is always nice to hear. Less nice is his description of Rockstar:

When asked about his role in Rockstar, he said: “I play a Jat boy from Delhi, who lives in Pitampura. He studies in the Hindu college and plays the guitar. It is not about music, it is a love story where music is incidental…"

Great, so we're going to have a lot of the (as yet) unimpressive Nargis in this film? Sigh. Unless her acting is miles better than what was shown in the trailers, this is going to be painful.

* Apparently Barfee is a romantic comedy? I thought it was supposed to be a drama...

* I think we're supposed to feel sorry for Sanjay Dutt in this piece but my thought was: YES MORE ARSHAD PLEASE!

Moreover, Dutt also realised that the film was being shot in a totally different way from what he had been told initially. According to sources, Arshad got a song picturised on himself, which was not a part of the original script.

Subtitled trailer for Vettai - which will feature Maddy as a policeman and Arya as a rowdy! (I think!) Looks fantastic!

And the song trailer for... "Oooh La La!"

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