Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday Mini-Gossip and Mini-Vacation!

Short gossip post today but some cool new trailers posted!

I'll be in Boston at the Futures of Entertainment 2011 conference so posting will be sporadic until I return home on Monday.

* I consider myself a feminist but this piece on women in Bollywood really grated.

Recently, I joked while watching the trailer for the movie “The Iron Lady” – a biopic of Margaret Thatcher played by Meryl Streep – that if we ever make a movie on Indira Gandhi, we should get Meryl Streep to play her, too. Otherwise, we will end up with an Indira Gandhi obsessed with her wardrobe like Sonam Kapoor or a perpetually grinning Priyanka Chopra.

Ugh. Really? A handful of bimbo roles in a handful of films does not make for a trend. Sure, there is room for improvement but that Sonam Kapoor just played a wonderful role in Mausam and Priyanka Chopra was the lead in the female-driven Saat Khoon Maaf. If Renu Pokharna judged Hollywood by the same types of films she uses in her piece, it would be like the bimbos of Transformers and the non-existent/dead women of Batman. What about Kangana in Tanu Weds Manu; Bebo in Golmaal 3; Vidya and Rani in No One Killed Jessica ; Genelia in Force ; Katrina in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan? None of them were playing bikini bimbos.

ALSO, Ms. Pokharna, if you are going to explain the Bechdel Test - freaking CALL it the Bechdel test. You didn't invent it. What, are you too afraid to mention Alison Bechdel's comic where the test arose? I'll do it for you - Dykes to Watch Out For.

How about we ladies stop hating on ladies trying to make a living in the glamour industry and focus our desire for change where it can make a difference - the producers and scriptwriters who insist on bikini bimbo roles.

* Manu Joseph severely misunderstands why SRK's Diwali release flopped.

Hindi cinema has survived the cultural conquest of Hollywood in India because Hollywood cannot make Hindi films. But a sci-fi film, even if it is a Hindi sci-fi, is pitted directly against the Hollywood experience, and this is a vastly unequal battle. The economics of a major Hollywood film, which has a global market, supports a budget of a few hundred million dollars. “Ra.One,” whose billing as the most expensive Hindi film ever made is believable on screen, cost 1.35 billion rupees, or $27 million, according to Mr. Khan, which is laughably modest by Hollywood standards. So even though the effects in “Ra.One” are good, Indians have seen far better.

Um... the special effects were the ONE THING that got universal praise from Indian critics and viewers - even from those who disliked the film. People didn't not turn out because they thought Hollywood had better effects, they didn't turn out because they didn't connect with the STORY.

* Imtiaz Ali is producing a remake of South Korean film My Girlfriend is an Agent.

* Abhishek Bachchan for the Don Seenu remake?

* Expect some awards for Singham this upcoming year because Ajay Devgn is confirmed to dance at the Superstar Awards. If it goes well, we'll probably see Ajay picking up a few more.

* And John Abraham doesn't want to do a Force sequel.

Do you need more Akshay Kumar in your life? Yes.

New song trailer for Desi Boyz!!!

The long-awaited trailer for Harry Key's Dam999!

Question - do I want to see Mahesh Babu kicking ass and taking names? Yes. Yes, I do.


Sal said...

I watched that Desi Boyz song three times in a row just to stare at Chitrangada Singh. She is ridiculously beautiful.

dagnyfan said...

I agree, Sal: Chitrangada is stunning!!

Jess said...

She is pretty, I'm just happy to see a hero opposite a woman in her mid 30s! Some one his own age.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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