Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Gossip!

I had stayed away from all the reviews of Desi Boyz until I could see it for myself. Akshay Kumar films earn extremely dire reviews from critics for being low brow. (That those same critics are willing to forgive "main part" humor in other films is a topic for another time.) I was actually pleased to see that Desi Boyz earned a fair variety of reviews, with some enjoying it for what it was and others finding it unfunny or stupid.

Some reviewers were unable to see past the plot idea that Akshay and John become, essentially, hosts and their discomfort with the idea colored the rest of the film. Other reviewers found the evergreen heart of the film stale instead of refreshing. Both of these are fair points. If one is uncomfortable with the idea of John and Akshay entertaining female clients, one should probably not see the film. And, again, one should not go into Desi Boyz expecting a "realistic" film like Rockstar but I think that both of these things are made abundantly clear by the trailers.

If the trailers looked good to you, the film doesn't disappoint. If the trailers looked dumb, you probably won't like the film.

It's as simple as that.

One thing that caught my attention - there is a certain jingoistic moment in the second half that I pointed out in my review that most other critics pointed out, too. We all called attention to the fact that it was jarring but nobody else mentioned the zing delivered by Rajat Barmecha after the jingoistic moment that makes fun of the trope and intentionally deflates the moment.

Anyways, on to gossip!

* Manoj Bajapi talks about being a character actor.

About the term 'negative characters', he said, “We call them villains of the film. I don't like playing a negative character, as I don't believe in it. Grey characters are very close to real life. They are human beings, like any other common man in the world. They have good, as well as bad qualities in them, so that's why, we call them grey characters. Grey characters look more real and believable.”

* Johnny Gaddar to be remade in Telugu? WITH GRACEY SINGH?! This will be interesting...

* Rishi Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan reunited in a filmi love triangle?

The film is a Hindu-Muslim love story. Rishi Kapoor plays a Hindu lawyer while the Big B plays a Muslim commissioner of police.

Says Rishi Kapoor, "They were the best of friends 40 years back. And they haven't spoken for 40 years. It's a romantic film, but also funny. We're going to have look-alikes playing the young Rishi Kapoor and the Big B. I want to work with Amitji. Now it all depends on him."

* Irrfan Khan signs another international art house film, this one set in Punjab.

* Aamir Khan is being headhunted for an international art house film.

* And Javed Akhtar is part of a television retrospective of Bollywood legends. The show begins next month.

"Indian cinema has a wonderful heritage. It would be really sad if people forget it. And these are stories of 13 people who started from almost nothing and gained so much success through the years," Akhtar said.

"So when you go deep into their lives, they give so much hope and optimism in life and convey that anything can be achieved in can reach from zero to 100 provided you have the will and persistence," he added.

A message from Bebo on the first day of Heroine... and she looks FANTASTIC! I love that little eyebrow raise she does just before she signs off.

And the violent trailer for Rajanna...

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