Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday Gossip!

Today in gossip - some odds and ends. Dev Anand. Amitabh. I'm too tired to write more...

* Top story today is this fascinating piece on how the story of the recent winner of KBC was interpreted by the media - in East and West.

On Tuesday night, the BBC was determined to present Sushil Kumar as "a real-life Slumdog Millionaire" after he was shown winning five crore (50 million) rupees on India's version of the British quiz show. This makes Kumar the biggest winner so far, and until that moment he certainly wasn't rich: the basic facts coincide with the fiction of Danny Boyle's film. But for the BBC News those parallels weren't quite enough. A report that mixed omission with obliqueness would have suggested to all but the most wide-awake viewer that Kumar, just like his fictional predecessor, had struggled up from the Mumbai slums. There were a few shots of poor women on the streets of Mumbai, from the same community (we were told) that had produced Kumar. If the women were migrants from the other side of India, as they may well have been, that would be true. Kumar lives in Bihar. But none of that was gone into. Kumar's story was squeezed to fit the template of a hugely popular feature film – a story we knew and liked.

* Puff piece on Shahrukh Khan from the L.A.Times.

Khan could have been a lot better known in the United States; he says he turned down the part of the game show host in “Slumdog Millionaire” that went to Anil Kapoor. “It's a very nice movie, but it's not an Indian movie,” Khan said of director Danny Boyle’s best picture Oscar winner. “We need a ‘Life Is Beautiful.’”

* Shahrukh denies that there was talk of a sequel to his movie.

* Sonam's middle finger gesture in the Players trailer has raised some eyebrows.

* Shahid Kapoor is in a casting bind.

* Bollywood in Ireland is still really cute.

* And a piece on our desperately, continually Evergreen Hero.

According to the summary on the VCD cover, Censor is ‘a multi starrer that takes a satirical look at the double standards that apply when censoring a film. An international award winning film is stuck at the censor board, with the producer battling hard to get it released. The international award compels the judge handling the case to comment that the country needs to review its censor policy’. Whoever wrote this is a genius. It makes Censor sound like a story with a hint of promise. The satirical look bit implies further edge. The more aware among you will say “bullshit”, given that this is a latter-day Dev Anand movie and the cover has him hugging his hapless young find, Heenee Kaushik.

GORGEOUS Vidya Balan at the Dirty Picture music launch!

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