Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Gossip!

Another week, another Friday! Two Hindi films releasing today are the Suniel Shetty-Govinda-Javed Jaffrey-Mimoh couldn't they have just gotten his father instead Chakraborty starrer Loot and the one with the kid who can't act but has a politician father and always-for-hire (but I love her anyways) Kangana Ranaut.

Yeah. Thankfully, neither are headed towards me and I'll hopefully get a chance to see Velayutham instead.

NOW! Today in gossip Vidya Balan talks Silk Smitha; Govinda explains why he hated politics; ZOMG the media created a Salman-Aamir-SRK feud; and more!

* Check out the number of Indian films available on youtube! Now, the real question is - should I pay $2.99 to review Pyaar Impossible for Box Office Poison?

* If you want to be spoiled for Joker a year in advance, the Hindustan Times helpfully puts up a plot synopsis. I didn't read it.

* Govinda says joining politics was the worst decision he ever made. Although, it appears that he thinks so because he got fatter while he was a politician.

"I found myself dealing with Ram Naik instead of Karishma Kapoor. It was really difficult time for me. I became 108 kgs during that period. When I decided to say goodbye to politics, it was hard to shed the extra flab," Govinda told PTI.

* Chirag Paswan is a little early in crowning himself the first Dalit hero...

Chirag is ready to be anointed “First Dalit Hero” but it is his father who warms to the theme. “All over the country, weaker sections will feel proud at the rise of a superstar who has made it without concession or reservation,” he says.

No concession or reservation - just with a wealthy and powerful father. I'm sure everybody can relate to that story!

* Rockstar has been asked by the Censor Board to remove the image of a Free Tibet flag.

* More Koffee with Karan in 2012?

* Vidya Balan talks Silk Smitha.

"People think Silk was bold only because she used to dress up or pose in certain way...but this was one part of her fearlessness. Some even felt she was shameless but I don't think she was. Today, girls are in complete command of their life and sexuality... they are unapologetic and take pride in whatever they do. Silk was like that back then. And which is why she was misunderstood and people exploited that in a wrong way," she said.

* Why is Salman Khan's sister's Blackberry status update considered news? This Salman-Aamir-SRK feud over box office collections is being generated BY THE MEDIA ONLY.

* By all non-spun accounts this 170 crore figure is extremely inflated and includes things like music rights, television rights, etc. that aren't reported with the box office numbers of other films. A more realistic figure for the entire week is closer to 100 crores, certainly a very respectable sum - even if not the record breaking figure SRK hoped for.

(And I want to emphasize that the reason I'm glad the movie didn't break records is NOT because I hate SRK - which I don't - but because I'm happy to see that hyping a film for A FULL YEAR with tie-ups and advertisements and SRK jumping out of breakfast cereal boxes didn't pay off, which means we are less likely to get that kind of hysteria for other films. More than anything, this whole mess feels more like a mistake that my boy Akshay Kumar would make. Think back on films like Tashan or CC2C that raised expectations to fever pitch but then didn't deliver the expected product. R*** has suffered that same fate - just on a much larger scale.)

Mika Singh's "debut" in Bollywood from Loot, which opens today. Suniel Shetty, I love you loads but for the love of God please stop producing movies... or at least let me help with scripts, casting, art design, etc. etc.

For a giggle, do check out Mahaakshay's blog post on Loot.

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Thanks for the free indian movies link, didnt have that one yet.

wow Mod is already free to watch... that was fast.

and so is kaakhka kaakha, no reason for you not to watch it after loving Force :-)

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