Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Gossip!

Today in gossip - Australia tries to kiss and make up; Simbhu shakes his belt-buckle; Sridevi takes a bite of the Big Apple; Shahrukh's signing spree; and MORE!

* Amitabh Bachchan will be honored with an honorary doctorate from the Queensland University of Technology - an honor he declined a few years ago after the well-publicized attacks against Indian students in Australia.

Apparently there has been a 40% decline in students from India since that time.

* Urumi is opening the International Film Festival in Goa and I'm really jealous of those who will get to see it on the BIG SCREEN!

* Sridevi is shooting in New York City! Say hi for me if you see her! Also, her new movie is going to have music from Amit Trivedi... one more reason to be excited!

* Sanjay Leela Bhansali should know better than to mess with the QUEEN. My friend what-now?

* Some dude claims The Hangover ripped off his life story, which has gotten the sound bite news media in a tizzy. I'm more interested in the fact that he claims to have "starred" in Bollywood films. WHAT? I've never heard of this guy and I think I'm pretty up-to-date on my white folks in Bollywood film.

* The Dabangg crew has chosen to go with Abhinav Kashyap for his SRK film, so it will a be a new crew for Salman's Dabangg 2.

(And on that note, does it seem like SRK is signing films just to sign them these days? It's like if somebody has good Friday numbers, SRK is knocking on their door with a contract in hand on Saturday morning. Masala with AR Murugadoss and Abhinav Kashyap; Shakespeare with Vishal Bhardwaj (possibly the WORST IDEA EVER - a 50ish man playing Hamlet)... what will be next? A "youthful romance" with Maneesh Sharma? No... don't answer that. I don't want to know. At this point the AR Murugadoss-Shahrukh Khan collaboration still has no script.

* Somebody in Ireland finally checks Salman Khan's Wikipedia Page and are shocked (SHOCKED) by what they find.

His relationship with actress Ashwarya Rai was controversially reported in the Indian media. The couple broke up in March 2002 and soon after Rai accused Khan of harassing her. According to reports, she claimed, “Khan was not able to come to terms with the break up and harassed her until her concerned parents lodged a complaint”.


* Shahid wants to bond more with his fans. Aw... bless! He could start by RTing my Mausam review and the interview I did. *clears throat*

* Also, our Sasha is not working going to pick up that Vishal Bhardwaj film that Ajay Devgn backed out of.

* Don't bother watching Simi Garewal's show - let Mumbai Boss recap it for you!

In the introduction segment, Mukerji said she was “absolutely not inhibited” in terms of saying what she feels. We found out just how true this was during the “Truth Bucket” round when she did not hesitate to pick Abhishek Bachchan over Kamal Hasan and Saif Ali Khan as her best on-screen kiss (and was also quick to point out that she did not pucker up with Vivek Oberoi in Saathiya).

Osthi trailerrrrrrr! This should be fun!

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