Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Gossip!

Today in gossip - Shiney Ahuja fights in vain against his new public image as a total pervert; Aamir Khan seems set to do Jacki Shroff a big favor; Vishal Bhardwaj and Rakesh Roshan scrape the bottom of the barrel, and, hmm... something else that has slipped my mind. Isn't there a big film releasing tomorrow? Gosh, too bad there has been no press about it... now what was that title...

ETA: I have been (very rightly) been scolded into pointing out that Sayali is also accusing Amitabh Bachchan, Sajid Khan, and Arya Babbar of sexual harassment AND that I'm not ragging on Beth for her Tell Me O Kkhuda post. I genuinely thought it was cute that she is looking forward to it and in no way do I think she is getting paid by the Deol family to write the preview. Even I get accused of that from time to time and it's frustrating.

Everybody happy!?


* Sayali Bhagat gives a press statement on Shiney Ahuja and on being an actress in Bollywood.

I am fed up of being treated like an available piece of meat and the only reason I am sharing all this with my media friends, is because I don't believe in taking harassment lying down. It is high time the truth came out.

Meanwhile Shiney Ahuja is suing Micromax for an ad that pokes fun at his image as a creeper.

* I have a feeling that this review will come closest to what I will think of R***.

While R***'s tale is weak at best, the transformation from ennui to entertainment in this sci-fi epic lies largely in the novelty value of watching India’s first 3D superhero action film.

For a four star review that seems surprisingly meh (though unsurprisingly jumbled) about the whole affair, check out Khalid Mohammed's take... he reveals this shocking information!

On the downside, the lapses into profanities and even vulgarity are beyond your comprehension. A bunch of keys lands er..in..a woman’s bosom, Good-One places his hand on Mummy’s ditto, puns are made out of cuss words (D.K. Bose ka influence, kya?), and there are far too many references to condoms. Plus, a gay interlude at an airport security frisking is strictly ho-ho-hum.

But if you want the Microsoft Word Thesaurus version of OMGSRKILU4EVAAAA!!!111!1!1 please check out Taran Adarsh's review.

R*** is a perfect vehicle that does justice to the talent of Shah Rukh Khan. He seems to have found a story and character that work in perfect sync and tandem with manic energy. SRK steers this physically challenging lead role with high-spirited self-belief. He's endearing as the father and magnificent as the superhero with a heart. Kareena Kapoor is a delight to watch. She effortlessly glides into the character. Besides, she looks ethereal in the 'Chammak Chhallo' song and her wit is infectious. Arjun Rampal pulls his act with effortlessness and style. Also, Arjun's well-designed look is admirable.

That last line is hi-larious!

Interpreting The Film That Shall Not Be Named for Canada.

This explains why the big talking point around RA.One has been the money – at more than $20-million, it’s Bollywood’s most expensive film yet, even though that’s small change compared with the budgets of Hollywood blockbusters. “That’s like 20 minutes of special effects in a Spider-Man movie,” says Chopra. “Bollywood doesn’t have $200-million to play around with.”

While the LA Times is skeptical that it has anything to offer non-Indian viewers.

Indeed, as you can see from the trailer below, R*** looks shiny and expensive, and is a far cry from the song-and-dance numbers most often associated with Bollywood movies, though whether it’s sufficiently different from Tron and a host of other Hollywood confections is a separate question.

According to at least one review, some scenes are very similar to Spiderman.

* Aw... Beth raises a lone voice in support of Tell Me O Kkhuda... and then gets trolled for it in the comments! Hee!

Hi Beth,

Apart from being a pretty biased review, and almost sounding like a paid review at some points in the article, you have missed making a rather obvious point – the story seems a copy of the recent hit movie, Mamma Mia. Making that point would have taken some sheen off the rather flattering comments you make about the film, which further raises questions about the true independence of your judgement and comments. Thanks.

O ho! I never saw that movie - can anyone confirm?

* The trailer for Vikram's new film with release with Velayudham - and it's going to be (my favorite!!) a commercial potboiler!

* Desi Boyz has its own claims of copyright violation.

* Michael Winterbottom on Trishna...

WSJ: Were you influenced by Bollywood at all?

MW: The story takes us to the edge of Bollywood. Part of where Trishna gets her dreams from, her idea of how she would like her life to be, comes from Bollywood films. She loves dancing, she loves those films, she loves music – she wants to be part of that. So there’s that connection to it.

Also, Hardy’s stories are big romantic melodramas, in a way, so it’s not like the story is radically different from a story that could be a Bollywood film. But this is not trying to be a Bollywood film.

It's actually really good to hear Mr. Winterbottom say that but you know it won't stop every hack reviewer from calling it some variation of "Bollywood-tinged."

* Aamir Khan will be launching Jackie Shroff's son Tiger.

* First UTV, now Reliance is moving South. Seems these studios are tired of London and Toronto and are finally waking up to the money to be made chasing after viewers in their own backyard.

* And in scraping the bottom of the barrel news - Imran Khan for Vishal Bhardwaj and Nargis for Krrish?

New trailer for Don 2!


Moimeme said...

On Sayali Bhagat's press statement, don't you think the biggest shocker is her allegation of sexual harassment by Amitabh Bachchan? I know you've been turned off Shiney Ahuja's rape case, but her statement named others: Amitabh Bachchan, Sajid Khan, and Aarya Babbar, as well as Shiney Ahuja. She is going file a police complaint against all of these people, as well as Shiney's wife. I think you should really change your allusion to this story to include the others as well as Shiney. The importance of her going public with this is that she is highlighting how wide-spread such harassment is, practiced by even the big names, and that she is leaving the acting field because of it. Please highlight this, as I think that is the real story, not yet another allegation against Shiney.

KimT said...

What's up with the shots at Beth lately? (I'm also remembering your comment about her article on costumes in Bollywood). Though I admit, she's entitled to her opinion and you're entitled to yours about that opinion. Your comments here just seem a little mean-spirited. Hey, but maybe there's something I'm missing and you guys are BFFs. I don't expect TMOK to be a fabulous movie, but honestly I'll probably enjoy some of it based on what I've seen in the trailer. I'm no Esha Deol fangirl, but I'm willing to give it a shot (Hema Malini desperation and all).

I understand that your saturation level of Bollywood craziness and self-promotion is always at an extreme high since you monitor it for these much appreciated gossip posts, but lately your posts just seem a little too strident and angry. I'm looking forward to Ra.One (for the music, KK and the spectacle at the very least) and I've enjoyed Abbas Tyrewala's work (though question his casting in Jhooth Hi Sahi).

All this is just to say, I hope you keep it all light-hearted when you can and save the barbs for Shiney.

Filmi Girl said...

@Moimeme That is a really good point and it is taken. :)

@Kim Point also taken - but in my defense I thought comment was funny, I didn't post it as a dig at Beth. Her post on TMOK was perfectly reasonable. (Although I did find the costume article out of line.)

Re: That Film, I'll just be glad when I never have to hear about it ever again ever.

And don't feel too sorry for Abbas Tyrewala because he's agreed to do an interview with me. ;P

I like to think that people read my stuff because I'm unvarnished in my opinions. I don't gloss on what I think and I think people find it refreshing, especially since most Bollywood media is glorified ass-kissing and pretending to love things that are mediocre...

martoufmarty said...

All your comments on R*** crack me up.

Honestly, I love Shahrukh Khan and would probably watch him recite the dictionary.

I don't expect the film to be anything spectacular, but I'll watch it just to see Shahrukh Khan. And, yeah, that's what they're counting on. They have us hooked lol.

Filmi Girl said...

@martoufmarty Bless you!!! :D

Lord knows I would go see Arshad Warsi read the dictionary so I totally understand (and respect) the sentiment.

(I just reserve the right to make fun of claims that SRK reading the dictionary is the second coming of Christ. LOL!)

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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