Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday gossip!

I realized something very important about the Desi Boyz trailer - Akshay Kumar is riding his segway properly (i.e. on the road and NOT on the sidewalk.) There is a segway tour down Pennsylvania Avenue that has almost run me over on numerous occasions because they ride ON THE SIDEWALK and I hate it. Thank GOD I could trust Akshay to ride his segway properly. See, there is a reason he is my favorite hero...

Today in gossip - Love Breakups Mediocre Reviews; some potentially VERY exciting casting news for Vidya Balan; the Ra.1 promo-gasm won't stop; and who is the new evil enemy in Bollywood? (Hint it's the same old evil enemy.)

* Is anybody really surprised at this?

In terms of acting, handsome hunk Zayed’s chilled out guy-next-door act fails.

Oh, yes! Sharpen your schadenfreude - Love Breakups Zindagi reviews are starting to trickle out.

Have another!

While this brand of comedy is anytime better than a senseless slapstick, there is a feeling that the film could have been funnier.

That is damning with faint praise, indeed... even if I happen to love senseless slapstick.

How about this one?

On the whole, Love Breakups Zindagi is a poor affair right from the word go and can be tolerated only for the feel good factor it offers. Go and catch it at your own risk.

Okay, just one more...

Dia Mirza and Zayed Khan are monotonous as they are in their other films.

HA HA HAAAAA! I enjoyed that. While I do applaud actors who decide to take their fate into their own hands and not wait around for juicy parts to be offered to them, you do have to question why actors would choose a mediocre romantic comedy to hang their careers on. Why not pick a script that's bold and says something meaningful? (Oh, right, because we're talking about two actors who are the opposite of bold and meaningful.) There is just something really pathetic about the fact that Love Breakups Zindagi is the best Dia and Zayed can do.

* Austria wants to take some Bollywood business from Switzerland.

* Fardeen Khan might want to see what Dia and Zayed are up to.

* Randeep Hooda admits to having an ego. (Like we didn't already know...)

Why did you turn down such good offers?

I was too full of myself. I was this young boy with 'extra blood' in me. I didn't have the right guidance. I thought all I had to do was stand in front of the camera and things would work out. I realise now that's not true. A film is a team effort.

* Telugu actor Nagarjuna was busted for sexual harassment.

* Oh! Manisha Koirala was supposed to have done My Friend Pinto but her marriage interfered. That's a shame... poor Manisha's marriage seems to be causing her nothing but trouble.

* Adorable Genelia D'Souza is learning Punjabi for an upcoming film.

* Is China the new evil empire in Indian film?

Says a source attached to the writing team of film which did an extensive research before putting it all together on paper, "In Aazaan, we are we are trying to show that for every problem that happens in our country, we can't be necessarily blaming Pakistan all the time. Mind you, we are not going pro-Pakistan but then we are just trying to open everyone's eyes and urging people to look at it all from a different point of view as well. We are making a statement that China is silently supporting Pakistan while even a supposedly harmless looking Bangladesh is cracking our country."

Okay, so Pakistan isn't the enemy , CHINA is... because it's supporting Pakistan.

* Bangladeshi cinema owners want Indian movies but the government is reluctant.

"We are not getting enough movies to screen in our cinema halls," says Iftekharuddin Naushad, who owns Madhumita cinema hall in the capital Dhaka. "As a result, many halls have either been shut down or converted into malls."

* Meanwhile in Pakistan, a ban on Indian movies is demanded but not by cinema owners.

(Although when there are movies calling Pakistan the enemy in every other frame, you can kind of understand why some people might get upset.)

* More Ra.1 promo-gasm news... The Big B is now involved and doing a voice over.

* And ending on something I can support 100%... Vidya Balan and John Abraham in a Force sequel?! YES PLEASE!


dishoomdishoom said...

Well, im gonna rant about the Pakistani artists calling for the ban of Indian Movies....

Here it goes...

They do not understand that Pakistani urban areas donot have a culture of going to the theater, and they are VERY limited theater options available, till now. Since the exhibition of Indian movies have been allowed, suddenly opening up these theaters is a profitable venture, and some of them are mushrooming in most of the urban areas. Without those movies, Pakistani movies will not have a delivery mechanism, even if some good product does come out of Pakistan

Pakistani movie industry must look at the Regional Cinema in India, and how they compete with Bollywood. Good stories, engaging cinema, low cost ventures, which dont need a big run to become profitable. They have to build up their market all over again, and hope more theaters open up geared towards the middle class of Pakistan.

The film fraternity is too myopic on this one!

OG said...


As an Indian I have to say that Pakistan has every right to ban our Bolywood films coz:

1. We don't portray Pakistan all that well in our films.

2. We rarely welcome talent from across the border. And even when it happens, a big issue is made out of it.

3. Our Big production houses fear financing a proper pakistan based production coz of the backlash that they might face in India.

A sad state of affairs but the mutual hatred prevents any joint productions.

4.The situation that Pakistan/Bangladesh faces is a lot different from "Regional" cinema in India. Bollywood is the Juggernaut, but the languages spoken in South India are totally different (Dravidian) and have had a long history behind them. Hence SI cinema has grown over the years unlike the Marathi/Gujarati/Bengali film industry, which are languages related to Hindi (Indo-European). Pakistani and Bangladeshi Cinema (Urdu/Bengali) too faces the same issue.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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