Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Gossip!

Today in gossip - Sid and Shruti's Oh My Ex-GirlFriend; find out if a junior artiste get more respect if he's wearing a suit; and "a well placed source" spills the beans on Shiney "Even IF He's Not a Rapist He's Still a Major Douchebag" Ahuja's recent activities...

* Katrina and Salman head to Turkey with Ek Tha Tiger.

* I haven't seen Chitrangada Singh in action, so I have no idea if she is a great choice to play Asha Bhosle or not...

* Model Ujjwala Raut blames Bollywood for the lack of Indian supermodels.

"The main reason why there is no supermodel left in the Indian modelling industry is the presence of Bollywood which has become an obvious career option for most models," she said. "I never tried Bollywood because it requires a lot of attention and time which I won't be able to give keeping in mind my other projects. In future I will definitely think about the same but no plans as of now," she added.

Isn't it the other way around? Where Bollywood provides the show-stoppers for fashion shows and actresses are the ones who get the magazine covers?

I'm currently reading a great book on the business of modeling and maybe in a few days I'll have a bigger opinion on this.

* Brands are seeking tie-ins with Bollywood films but buyer beware... you could end up in Love Breakups Zindagi.

“In India, in-film branding is becoming more subtle and is much more evolved now. Largely most of the deals were done on barter, but there were also financials involved,” said Born Free Entertainment Co-Founder Sahil Sangha, without disclosing details. Born Free Entertainment is the producer of 'Love Breakups Zindagi'.

And how did that work out for all those brands? I hope the representatives at least got lunch with Dia and Zayed for their money.

* Rishi Kapoor launches a 5-CD Shammi Kapoor tribute.

* Jerry Pinto has a new compilation book out called The Greatest Show on Earth.

Suketu Mehta’s descriptions of caste and class system amongst junior artistes: “If an actor in a party scene is wearing a suit, he is considered A-class and gets paid double the amount that goes to another actor relegated to C-class because he is standing behind the A-class actor…”

Um, yeah, I'll be ordering a copy.

* Is a drug bust enough to keep Vinod Khanna's son from debuting.

* Why does this sweet-sounding film have to have such an awful title?

In the film, a handsome London-based South Asian man visits India for the first time for work and falls for a local guy there, making him rethink his feelings about his heritage and his priorities.

The title: You Can't Curry Love. Ugh.

* O ho! More info on Shiney Ahuja missing from the Ghost promotions.

A friend of the actor revealed, on condition of anonymity, "Shiney is keeping away from all promotional activity associated with Ghost because of the ugly charges that were hurled against him by director Puja Bedi."
Bedi had alleged that Ahuja misbehaved with her and actress Sayali Bhagat. In an online interview, Bedi said Ahuja wasted time on set, cosying up to a Russian actress named Julia.

* And an interesting piece on Ayesha Takia's husband's relationship with her career.

"Ayesha's husband has been cautious about her return to movies. He comes from a conservative background, and is said to have advised her to take up roles that allow her to maintain her image without compromising his father's political career in any way," says a source.

Trailer for Sid and Shruti's now ironically named "Oh My Friend"... One question is at the forefront of everybody's mind: Will Shruti continue to get acting jobs now that she is broken up with Sid? I hope not. God, is she terrible.


kavi said...

Can u pls share the name of the book on modeling...I would love to read it swell. Thx!

Nadia_Rahman said...

Shruti Hasan will always continue to get acting jobs b/c she is the child of Kamal Hasan (one of the greatest actors of the South) and Sarika (who has also won a National Award).

I cannot comment on her acting yet but she is a fabulous dancer!


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