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Saturday Gossip!

Today in gossip - Rajinikanth is a class act; Jackie is too classy for Krrish; Aamir goes scuba diving; and Ranbir does The Doors? PLUS MORE STUFF!

* Let's start off with a real feel-good story from a real class act of a gentleman: Rajinikanth met with a group of Rana crew members to reassure them that he was doing okay.

A group of workers landed up in Chennai and insisted on making sure that their Thailvar is doing well. Adds the source, "It's quite difficult to get to meet him these days especially, because he has been resting. But when he heard that a bunch of people had come to enquire about his health, he made sure he gave them time."

For whatever reason, that really warmed my heart.

* I'm curious about Aamir Khan's upcoming show...

"The show is about India and real life stories... stories of common people...real people. I am sure people will connect with the show. It is not a fiction show. One can call it a talk show," Aamir told reporters here today.

I trust Aamir will tease out some good stories.

(Also, the sequences he's filming in London? Deep sea diving. I cannot WAIT for this movie.)

* After reading the intro to this piece on actor Prashant Narayanan, I'm determined to see Murder 2. Also, he sounds pretty cool.

Talks are on for more films in Malayalam. But for now, he will talk only about his next confirmed project, Issaq, the shoot of which will begin soon in Benaras. "The Manish Tiwary directorial is a modern adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Mine is the only character that is not part of the original. I play a Malayali student leader who is a Naxalite as well." Sounds interesting for sure!

Yes, it does!

* Sonu Niigaam is composing for a film but we all know that amazing singers don't necessarily make amazing composers. We'll have to wait and see.

* Whoaaaa! Rockstar is supposedly based on the life of Jim Morrison? Does that mean nobody had better see The Doors right before going to see Rockstar?

* Subhash Ghai is SO INSULTED at the casting couch allegations by Rina Golan that he's making noises about banning all imported junior artistes and chorus girls... the it's the fact that she's Israeli that's the issue? Sigh.

* This is kind of interesting - Ekta Kapoor used market research to test leading lady likability for upcoming Rock the Shaadi.

The makers of Rock The Shaadi through their in house research cell conducted research in 8 major cities of India to find out whom to cast opposite Abhay in the film. The sample size of audience was 600 in each city in the age group of 15 -25. Abhay's pair with Genelia topped the likeability amongst other options. Abhay's pair with Katrina too was rated very highly. The participants wanted to see these pairs. Abhay was a constant in these choices as he was already signed for the film.

I wonder who the other choices were... but it's true that most people find Genelia VERY likable. I don't think market research is necessarily a great way of casting films but I would have suggested to both Hema Malini and Dia Mirza that a small amount of market research would have been useful for making their respective films.

* Rana Daggubati says RGV's Department is not a masala cop flick and I immediately lose all interest. (Just kidding.) No, really.

I don't dislike RGV but his films recently have been pretty terrible. I couldn't make it more than 20 minutes into Rann and I'm a huge Riteish Deshmukh fan! (Possibly the only one!)

(And is Rana going to do a Tamil film?)

* Although I'm excited about Raveena Tandon signing another film, I wish she wasn't just playing a mom...

* Jackie is OUT of the Krrish sequel. I wonder what the issue was this time, although the article thinks it was Sajid Khan. If I was Rakesh Roshan, I'd be looking around for an older South heroine looking to reinvigorate her career with a big splash. Considering that he doesn't seem to be willing to pay, I'm sure there are a handful of talented ladies who wouldn't mind taking a pay cut in exchange for some publicity... actually, nix that. RAKESH ROSHAN, GO CALL UP MUMAITH KHAN! I don't care if Sussanne wouldn't like it, go give Mumaith a screen test and an item song in your movie! (Or Sophie Chaudhary - she was great in Aa Dekhen Zara.)

* It's going to be Kajal Agarwal opposite JR NTR in the film Shruti Haasan ditched. The article implies she is returning to South because her Bollywood career didn't go as planned but I would seriously question that. Singham was a huge hit and she has a couple others in the pipeline. Just because she wasn't immediately elevated to gossip rag front cover status with Deepika and Sonam doesn't mean her career isn't going well.

Isn't is possible that she took the film opposite Jr NTR because she wants to work in all the industries?

* IF this story is true, it is very funny. Somebody prank called Govinda telling him that Johnny Lever was dead.

* The Lolo divorce drama is back in the news.

* BEBO! She is at the top of her game. I like that the journo saves the wedding question for last... because he knows it will annoy her.

Going by your "Chammak Challo" look, do you think size zero was a mistake?

I don't think so. Size zero had its own charm. I wanted to do something nobody had done before. Everyone will remember the size zero phase of Kareena Kapoor's life. Today, I am curvier and I think my fans like me that way. Even Saif prefers me like this. I think I am looking like a Hindi film heroine now.

* Junior B fans, don't say I never gave you anything! This is a cute interview...

Who would you like to take on a coffee date?

(Jokingly) I only like coffee with Karan (Johar). It is as simple as that. I have my morning coffee with my wife (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) every day. In fact, I have my morning coffee with both the ladies of the house, ie my mother (Jaya Bachchan) and my wife…it’s a morning ritual.

Have a trailer for Play which I'm posting because the girl in the very beginning is adorably plump. Does anybody know anything about this movie? I found this article which just makes me MORE curious.

Explaining about the movie, director Anil Gopireddy said, "This movie is about the difference one faces between real life journey and visualized journey. USP of this film is its inter link screenplay. It thoroughly entertains us by showing the dilemmas which today's youth are confronting.

But THEN I was thinking that it might not be the same Play as the trailer... so I don't know.

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