Saturday, October 8, 2011

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Today in gossip - Some odds and ends. Chetan Bhagat; behind-the-scenes at Sony India; Salman's youngest sister might take up production...

* Another delightfully snarky review of Love Breakups Zindagi but with an important tag:

LBZ should serve as an example for stars aspiring to turn producers - there is no reward in playing safe. There is reward in risk. Re-invent yourselves, do movies you were never asked to do - play a character with depth - make a movie that stands apart and shows the world not what they expect of you, but what you have to proclaim to them.

Because here's the thing - even if LBZ does okay, it still doesn't mean that Zayed and Dia are going to be suddenly offered films that Imran Khan and Deepika are getting now. What was the end game by playing it safe with a film like this? To make MORE boring self-produced romantic-comedies? If it's about money, there are better ways to get it. It can't be about acting or telling an important story, considering the snooze-worthy result, so the goal behind this was what? Either to a) bask in the media spotlight and have kiss ass journalists tell them how great they are or b) an "advertisement" of sorts for Dia and Zayed, so that they might get cast in bigger budget productions.

* Chetan Bhagat on Bollywood.

"I am quite busy with my books, man! I don't mind scripting, but my books are, in any case, being turned to film scripts. There are a lot of people who can write scripts, but very few who can do that as I would like to be in my space of being a book writer," Bhagat, 37, told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

* Interview with Shridhar Subramaniam from Sony Music.

If his first job interview at Sony in their US office was slightly surreal—on the 32nd floor, with a sushi restaurant around, and Billy Joel lurking somewhere—the second, with the Asian head, was weirder. “In a girlie bar in Bangkok, in Thailand. Here I am, in front of a pole, and you are talking to me about what you want to do in India?” he says, laughing.

* Enough about bikinis!!!!

* The word China has been muted in Aazaan.

* Salman Khan's sister Arpita might take up production.

Some more behind-the-scenes with Ranbir and Rockstar!

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