Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday Gossip!

If you are in Chicago, you probably already know... the South Asian Film Festival is on! There are some good selections - I am Kalam and Stanley Ka Dabba have both gotten excellent reviews - so go check it out!

Not much in ye olde gossip today, especially if you - like me - don't particularly care about whatever drivel Dia Mirza is simpering about Love Breakups Zindagi or the Rascals crew trying to do damage control on the nasty stories that have been spreading around. I did dig up a few tidbits... so take a peek!

* Open Magazine has a small piece on Madhur Bhandarkar's rape charges.

Assuming that rape, as we understand it, did not happen, it is still perfectly understandable why Pretti took this route. If she had merely said that Bhandarkar slept with her by trickery, no one would care. At an emotional level, to be tricked into sex is probably just a degree or two below rape.

* Caravan has a piece on what Bangalore means to Kannada language cinema

One would expect regional cinemas in India to use their major metropolitan centre to represent ‘The City’ in their respective narratives, and for these cities to be portrayed as variants of Bollywood’s Mumbai. One purpose of regional cinema has traditionally been to endorse a strong regional identity, as seen in representations of Chennai in Tamil cinema or Kolkata in Bengali cinema. Yet somehow this is not true for Kannada cinema. It has always had an ambivalent relationship with Bangalore—until today, when it views the city with unconcealed loathing.

It's an interesting read if you are into Sandalwood.

* Kabul Rocks festival!!

* Force is John's biggest opening EVER. The Wall Street Journal does it's helpful round-up of reviews.

And then hop on over to Upodcast to hear Asim's interview with Vidyut Jamwal.

* Dev Anand's Chargesheet is apparently pretty terrible.

* Katrina Kaif will be in Ali Zafar's next video! YAY!

* Sexiness should be understated, says Shahrukh Khan.

Um... does that mean "Criminal" wasn't supposed to be sexy? (Success!)

* Hrithik's dedication to changing his body for a film is simply amazing.

The actor who first dropped a few sizes for Zoya Akhtar's Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and then gained it all back for Karan Johar's Agneepath by consuming as many as 22 eggs a day, has started training under Satyajit Chaurasia for his forthcoming film, Krissh sequel.

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