Friday, October 7, 2011

Question: Do You Like Things That Are Awesome?

I was just tipped off to The Immortals trailer and I have to say... DAYUM! This looks like it's going to be really fun!

You know I love violence and action-filled potboilers, especially ones directed all artsy. Director Tarsem Singh is the man behind cult classic The Cell and rumor has it that The Immortals is much more insane (in a good way) than the trailer lets on.

The cast includes the always amazing John Hurt (from anything good ever), Twilight beefcake Kellan Lutz, Henry Cavill (The Tudors), Mickey Rourke (!!!!), one of the dudes from The Hobbit, some kick-ass blond Australian girl, and Freida Pinto in a role that I might just like her in.

So, yeah. I'm excited.

You know you are curious, so check out La Pinto in all her glory!


Mette said...

Haha, this looks completely brainless and stupid. Kinda reminds me of the Green Lantern trailer.

... But yeah, I'll watch it, seems funny and highly entertaining.

never-evil said...

If you haven't seen The Fall you have to! Tarsem Singh's most gorgeous creation - dunno if anything can trump that.

jennyketcham said...

I really agree with never-evil. The Fall is fabulous (if a bit dark in the way he treats the little girl) but Tarsem prided himself that it was filmed almost completely without CGI...he seems to have left that with The Immortals. Maybe not for the better. We'll have to see.
Jenny K

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