Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Gossip!

Don't forget to check out my interview with Joseph Mclean, one of the Scottish actors from Mausam. You don't want to miss his hilarious story about shooting that ballroom scene...

Now, today in gossip - Subhash Ghai employs the casting couch; Yash Raj threatens to remake ALL THEIR FILMS in the regional languages; Abhishek takes a pay cut; and a few other odds and ends...

* Rachel Saltz "treats" us to another one of her awful reviews - this time the victim is My Friend Pinto.

If the director Raaghav Dar had tried to do less, he probably could have done more. But he and his co-writer, Arun Sukumar, lard the story with subplots, and it runs away from them early on, careering from tone to tone.


* Israeli model? Actress? Bollywood hanger-on Rina Golan just unleashed some vicious casting couch allegations in her new book.

Subhash took me to the bedroom .... I decided to change my normal approach and abandon my principles. But there was no way I could fool myself. If I had made it this far without giving in to some powerful ... guy offering to help me then why should I give up now?

Subhash Ghai's response:

I am not aware of any book like this and can't recall this name. If you say that derogatory things have been said by her about me, it's her choice. In our profession we do get bouquets and bricks all the time from known and unknown both. We can't even react.

Careful Googling reveals that this book has been out for a while but sales were probably pretty terrible. I suspect she dropped off a copy at the Mumbai Mirror offices with the relevant passages tabbed - not that I'm doubting the veracity of her claims. There are a lot of sleazy things going on in Bollywood.

* People in South had better watch out - Yash Raj is opening up business there, remaking all their past hits in the regional languages. Seems like a pretty terrible idea, if you ask me... which they didn't.

* Shahrukh preemptively praises the Big B as Don, in order to stave off criticism from Amit fans.

* Guzaarish might just do well in South Korea! I wouldn't be surprised - it's not a bad film, despite what Indian critics said.

* I always enjoy Makarand Deshpande when he pops up in a film. I wonder what his film Miss Sundari will be like... and I thought this little bit was interesting:

Deshpande said that he finds that theatre has more freedom for an artiste while the visual medium is limited. "In theatre you can have a character without showing him but not in the visual medium where you have to show everything. It is restricting for an artiste," he added.

* Cherry worked with the Dhoom team for the stunts in his upcoming film. I. Can't. Wait!

* PC is headed to Los Angeles to work on her album.

* And the cast of Players takes a pay cut... in advance. Because it's a big budget film staring Abhishek and Neil Nitin Mukesh.

"He doesn't need it; he's still so dry and fresh!"

And while I'm not questioning the appeal of item songs in theory, I do question the need to have THIS one when you have two of the BEST DANCERS IN BOLLYWOOD right there doing nothing!!! Come on, yaaaa! We would all rather see Govinda and Javed Jaffrey doing some sort of crazy duet instead of sleazy, plastic-faced Rakhi Sawant wiggling what her doctor gave her.

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