Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Gossip!

Today in gossip - A lot of nonsense! Catch up with Shahid, Ranbir, Salman, John, and Ali Zafar! And guess which movie is getting a twenty part making-of?

* The most important story of the day, obviously, is that Shahid Kapoor is following SRK again on Twitter.

* And now the second most important story is that the MAKING OF Love Breakups Zindagi will be broadcast in 20 episodes. I cannot wait to see this. (But not this.)

* Comedy is big business now.

Majethia’s sentiment is echoed by Rasik Chopra, promoter of Good One Yaar, a website for original content in comedy. Chopra left New York and his job and has invested Rs. 20 lakh so far in his two-month old website that has 14 short, snappy videos and a blog riding on comedy acts, spoofs and witty scripts.

* Read about the increasing corporatization of Bollywood.

* Speaking of, I'm not the only one obsessed with Ra.1.

RA.One, which started off as a simple father-son story with a twist, has over a gap of five years transformed into the most expensive, most awaited and most hyped Indian movie of all times. According to rumors, the film, as a joint production from’ Red Chillies Entertainment’ and ‘Eros International’ has a budget of around 200 crores, making it an even bigger film than ‘Enthiran’.

So where did all this money go?

* Bebo is missing the Ra.1 premiere in order to shoot for Dhuaan.

* Ranbir Kapoor talks... his career.

It was while watching Shah Rukh Khan in a Pepsi ad, that he decided to become an actor. It's a happy coincidence that he is now a brand ambassador of the same Pepsi, also the first endorsement he signed up for.

“Yes, The ad looked so much fun and was so entertaining that I wanted to become an actor so that I could be part of ad campaigns!" I am extremely particular when it comes to choosing the product I endorse, as I feel it is a great responsibility. For one, I have to be using what I endorse, and secondly it should add to my brand value. Today I drink Pepsi, have a Panasonic India television at home, wear John Players clothes, own a Nissan, use a Tata Docomo mobile and soon hope to have a Hero Honda bike, my newest endorsement,” says the actor, who for the first time, has faced the camera with his father, Rishi Kapoor, for a Pepsi ad.

* Ali Zafar talks... HIS career.

While singing the UP bhaang song, Madhubala, did you keep any singer or a song as your reference?

Yes. Actually both Ali (director Ali Abbas Zafar) and I are huge Amitabh Bachchan and Kishore Kumar fans just like the rest of the world. I understood that Ali wanted to make a song, which had a Jai jai shiv shankar or Rang barse vibe so I rendered it accordingly while keeping my own identity intact.

* And hear from John Abraham...

Will we ever see you playing a superhero?

I would love to, but unfortunately in Bollywood, only big stars justify a big budget. In Hollywood, a Hugh Jackman can play a Wolverine, but here, RA.One is made on that extravagant level just because it's a Shah Rukh Khan film.

Force apparently did quite well in South.

* Darshan, who threatened his wife with a gun, is out on conditional bail.

* Trouble for Salman Khan's Kick?

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