Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Gossip

Today in gossip - some celebrity tweets; me making fun of Zayed Khan's interviews again (I KNOW! I'm sorry I can't help it!); casting news; and Bebo's 130 costumes in Heroine; plus some other stuff!

Have some celebrity tweets:

Hard Kaur

Sorry guys due to organizers mis management, will miss da opportunity to c u guys this time for US canada:(so see you in 2012..

Hard Kaur is no longer on tour... it's a VERY good thing I hadn't bought my tickets yet.

Shahid Kapoor

So all those trying so hard to screw mausam can go screw themselves .. Waise bhi aajkal kuchh logon ke adarsh buri tarha gir chuke hain

Shahid Kapoor gives Taran Adarsh a piece of his mind. I know that a certain person has gotten on my case for my so-called 'sucking up' to celebrities but do you know what? The reason I like promoting my positive reviews - especially of films that get almost universally trashed - is because I genuinely enjoyed the films and want to share that view. Too often this giant negative mass sentiment crystalizes around a film, even when there is no reason for it. I'm a just rebel, baby. *zooms away on motorcycle*

Anurag Kashyap

I really want to do a sequel to "No Smoking" , and with John Abraham and he does too.. Anybody has an idea? I mean it...

Suspiciously he seemed disinclined to give MY idea any response... MORE Jesse Randhawa in drag. What? It's a valid idea.

* Joginder Tuteja gives food for thought about small films.

I am sure I am not the only person who wonders around the trigger point of many such films being made that have absolutely nothing going for them. In my discussions with friends, both belonging to the world of films and outside it, there have been debates around the origin of such non-starters that have disaster written on them right at the very onset. Did the makers of Tum Hi To Ho actually feel that someone would be actually interested in checking it out when it had an apology of a script?

* Is it me or is Zayed Khan living in a fantasy world?

"If I go to anyone, I want to go with a solid script that makes the person want to do it and he or she comes on board on his or her own. That time of doing films with friends is over. Everyone has realised that it's no longer the industry it used to be. This is a serious industry and you need to make some serious decisions," said the 31-year-old.

The only reason Zayed has been working at all in the last few years is because of his friends and people do films for their friends all the time! Zayed, unless you face your terrible acting abilities head on, you are never going to find a place in the industry. You've been rejected as a hero by audiences - find something else to do!

* Seriously, bro, if this was a "no friends rule" industry now, would Ahana Deol be making her debut? (They are apparently looking for a hero... why not submit your headshot and take an audition?) And Zoa Morani is still getting work.

* Would Sunny Deol be overseeing the promotions of Tell Me O Khuda?

* Sunny is really going to have his work cut out for him. Ra.1 is taking over your Internet. SRK is partnering with... Google. Yes, that Google. Come on, Sunny! I hear MySpace is popular with the kids these days...

* Malaika Arora Khan - Housefull 2. Sajid Khan won't pass up a chance to make something spectacular out of this. If "Dhanno" was amazing, Malaika will be amazing times 10.

* Wow, Russell Peters really made no friends in India.

* One of my least favorite writers Jason Overdorf at Global Post misses the boat while trying to be snarky about Paris Hilton's visit to India.

The real news: apparently Paris "interacted" with several Bollywood stars at a party Saturday (stop the presses).

Oh, well, la-di-dah! Aren't we glad this silly story caught Mr. Overdorf's attention. Those of us who actually FOLLOW the gossip pages know that nobody of importance actually met up with Paris - the only ones who attended her soiree were the same celebs who attend the opening of a letter. Nobody cares about Paris, bro. Leave the snark to Paris Hilton and stick to what you know - making grand pronouncements about Indian culture and politics from the Western (i.e. "correct") perspective.

* Pakistan once again brings the hammer down on India films. Ali Zafar was tweeting about this the other day...

* Gulshan Grover gets awarded at the Houston Film Festival! Congratulations!

* Sharman Joshi to replace Luke Kenny in Rock On 2?

* O ho! John Abraham might ruffles some feathers with a certain dialogue in Force.

* And Vivek Oberoi will be making a cameo in the adorable looking Teecha Baap Tyacha Baap.

* I think this is pretty much confirmed - Madhuri Dixit for Ishqiya 2.

* I may find Madhur Bhandarkar's films overrated AND his personality repugnant but I am really looking forward to seeing Bebo and her 130 costumes in Heroine.


Sahil said...

Hey filmi girl that shahid tweet was intended for Taran adarsh or kamaal khan i hav doubt..

Moimeme said...

Re Ra.1's promotions, SRK has only tied in with Google Plus in India, not Google itself. Since they are a new social networking service trying to break in on the Indian market, it makes sense for them, but it doesn't really represent some overwhelming presence on the internet.

Re Russell Peters, the reaction to his comments is funnier than anything he can ever hope to come up with, and rather proves his point. I've never cared much for his "humor", as it deals in what I consider outmoded/unfortunate stereotypes, but it is clear that his comments are intended to be humor. The much quoted and much infuriating (to some) comments that he hates Bollywood films and that he has never seen one is a perfect illustration of this style of humor. It was quite clear to me from the first time I read these quotes, that he was making fun of himself and/or the kind of people who make such sweeping statements without any knowledge of what they are talking about. As for his comments on Aishwarya - saying she's not a good actress is hardly a crime, and congratulating Abhishek for finally managing to impregnating her, expressed slangily, might be in poor taste, but it's again in line with this brand of humor. In the older generation, I never cared for Don Rickles' brand of humor either, but he was quite successful as a comedian. If Akshay Kumar really had to apologize to the Bachchans for this perceived lese majeste, that I think is far more disturbing and worthy of condemnation than any remarks of Peters'.

Moimeme said...

Shahid's tweet was making a pun on Taran Adarsh's name (Adarsh = principles/morals).

Nerdypanda said...

I actually read his comment on twitter and not just what the Indian press stated. When I first heard the news I was angry but after reading his own words I don't think it was that offensive that it needed an apology. It was rude yes but comedians are known to ruffle some feathers.

BtW, Filmi girl, i love that you make fun of Zayed's poor acting. He should just retire.

Filmi Girl said...

@moimeme I just like the idea of SRK + Google. ;))) It just seems inevitable.

Re Russell Peters - he either really misjudged the kind of reaction he would get from his remarks or he did it on purpose to get attention from the media. I'm not sure which is the more likely scenario...

I'm not personally offended by him or anything, even if I don't think he's particularly funny.

@nerdypanda THANK YOU! I was worried that I was being too mean but, seriously!!! I was always a Zayed apologist until I sat through the abomination that is Mission Istanbul. Zayed does NOT have the acting skills or charisma required to be a solo hero.

I like him well enough as the third lead in things like Blue and I'm happy to support his friends giving him roles in stuff like that but... yeah. Love Breakups Zindagi is going to be crap. For his sake I hope he proves me wrong but I sincerely doubt he will.

Yunus Perveez said...

About Bebo, I hope she's wearing the 130 costumes at the same time ( a la Joey in Friends)

I uploaded the Russel Peters Q&A where he answered my question about Bollywood( not Aishwarya) let me know what you think


Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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