Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday Gossip!

Today in gossip - cute new Marathi film trailer; SRK gets PERMED for Ra.1; Deepika gets tapped for a new film with... guess who? and a lot more good stuff!

* Poor organization at the Dubai premiere of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan leads to an ugly crowd scene.

* Check out a cute interview with Ali Zafar!

"I don't disagree that prejudices are still very much a part of the mindset, both in India and in Paksitan," said Zafar. "I'm sure all four of them have seen this up close and personal, but such biases are held by just a few close-minded people. I've thus so far been lucky in this aspect; but who knows what the future holds."

* Yash Raj files an official complaint against the ICC for using songs from their films without permission. If I can dredge out my dusty knowledge of US copyright law from my college days, I believe that in the US public venues that are broadcasting music pay for a blanket license from the major copyright holding groups. Apparently the same model does not hold in India.

* Cherry has a good head on his shoulders:

After watching me in a larger-than-life character in Magadheera, the audiences didn't accept me as a college-going boy in Orange. But I won't take that negatively and would say that it proved as a very good eye-opener for me. It kind of gave more clarity on how the audiences would like to see me and what the market expects from me. So now we will be able to work towards it and give them better product.

Smart boy. And it's also smart of him not to blame the audience but, instead, to take away from the experience the idea of pleasing the audience. That kind of mindset is missing from a lot of star children, especially those who have never had to mix with the aam aadmi.

* It's okay, everybody! Bol Bachchan will have some Rohit Shetty style action scenes... which means I going to enjoy this film despite the presence of my most-hated Bollywood actor.

* Adhyayan Suman pulls a surprisingly gentlemanly move and confirms Kangana's story about meeting Paris Hilton.

* NOOOOO! And also... WHYYYYYY?! Ayun Mukerjee has confirmed that it will be Deepika opposite Ranbir in his next film. What is wrong with these directors that they keep casting her in roles that require real, naturalistic acting? There are only two directors who have been able to wrangle any kind of performance out of her and both of them were very stagy - Nikhil Advani got a fine performance out of Deeps in Chandni Chowk to China, especially as Meow Meow, and Farah Khan did the same in Om Shanti Om.

All I'm saying is that it's a pretty big difference in acting styles to go from working with Konkona Sen Sharma to Deepika Padukone.

* Rock band STRINGS will be appearing on the soundtrack to Shootout at Wadala.

* The battle against the interval in Hindi cinema is a losing one... as Anurag Kashyap found out.

* RGV's Department heroine tweets a still from the film.

Song trailer for "Dildaara" from Ra.1 - the opening makes me want to punch myself in the ears so I don't have to hear it again. Ugh... I don't like "Stand By Me" when done for real. WHY DOES THIS SONG EXIST?

Also, SRK with a perm? Not his best look...

The incredibly cute trailer for Marathi film Teecha Baap Tyacha Baap!


Moimeme said...

Do you think it's really such a disaster if Deepika replaces Katrina in the Ayan Mukherjee film? I don't see that Deepika is any worse.

Moimeme said...

BTW, this is off topic, but Singham just crossed 100cr & is expected to have a 50 day milestone/celebration in a few days. So, no lack of "hits" in August. :)

Sal said...

Yeah, it comes down to who one finds more watchable, since neither Deepika nor katrina is an amazing actress. I prefer Deepika just as you prefer Katrina, FG. At least this bit of casting is going to result in some fun, pointless gossip.

Jess said...

I've decided how Deepika got cast in Ayan's film. Everyone was saying it was to be Katrina, but her dates didn't work, so he picked the next tall skinny actress he could think of.

BTW I agree that Deepika's best performances are CCC and OSO.

As for that Ra.One song...that hair is horrible.

Finally, why is important if Kangana met/didn't meet Paris Hilton?

eliza bennet said...

I think Katrina does a lot better in everyday girl kind of roles and Deepika was sooo bad and had no on screen chemistry with Ranbir in BAH. Seriously.

God I miss watching SRK do his thing. I love him yaar, perm or no perm.

And looks like Ra1 is going to be very melo - which I love.

Filmi Girl said...

@moimeme Deepika had zero charisma with Ranbir in BAH and has basically been like a dead fish in every role where she plays an 'everyday girl.' So, yeah... I think it will be a disaster. ;P

@Sal Nooooooo! But it will be the kind of gossip I hate - pointless linkup gossip! To be fair, it would have been pointless link up gossip with Kat, too, but still!

@Jess Duuuu~uuude! If you saw Kat's item in Bodyguard you wouldn't call her skinny. ;P She's slim but there is more meat on her bones than Deepika.

I think Ayun was probably asked to cast a 'heroine' instead of an actress and this is what we end up with. Ugh. Well, it's his movie to ruin.

And somebody was spreading rumors to the press that Kangana was lying about meeting Paris Hilton so Adhyayan stepped up and confirmed her story. So sweet!

@Eliza We agree on point 1 for sure! Kat is no thespian but she does 'everyday girl' really well.

Jess said...

I agree Katrina is no stick figure, but I've worked in the industry long enough to know that in person, they are all skinny. At least compared to myself ;)

Turkish Bacon said...

I agree that the Deepika/Katrina comparisons don't really amount to much because neither are much more than pretty place holders like nearly every girl in the type of films Deeps and Kat would be looked to appear in. Few of them are hired to "act". If they want to cast an actress, they call Rani or Vidya, or Konkana or, or, or yeah...that's it. But actresses don't make for good item girls these days (it seems). I know people have their preference (Deepika for me) but to make a case for any of these ladies being good at playing everyday girls is pretty funny. Although I did like Katrina in (most of) New York and APKGK and she was mildly funny in TMK. I do like that Deeps is trying lots of "characters" and working with lots of different people. They might be too big for her to carry off now, but who knows? Could pay off. Look at Priyanka's first few years. She was AWFUL but has gotten considerably better.

FG: I'm curious to know your thoughts on Anushka? I find her to be most promising and exceedingly more talented and versatile than both Kat and Deeps. She's had some good performances even if the films have been the opposite.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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