Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Gossip!

Today in gossip - a sweet saga of Shahrukh Khan fans; some new info on Neil Nitin Mukesh's self-produced film; and some sad news for Anil Kapoor...

* Let's start off with something sweet - German SRK fans!

So besotted are his fans that SRK's appearance at the Berlinales 2008 (Berlin Film Festival) was a challenge for the organizers. "Not just traffic jams, people flooded the boulevard in front of the theatre too," says Maya Kristin Schonfelder , a Berlin-based journalist. "Berlinale staff got so worried that they briefly considered air-lifting Shah Rukh, but he refused and walked right into the crowd and spent one full hour with his fans." No wonder the tickets for Om Shanti Om got sold out in less than five minutes.

* Anil Kapoor's father has passed away. My sympathies to his family.

* Paris Hilton is in India and claims to have rejected offers to appear in two films.

* Maybe we can interest her in Neil Nitin Mukesh's self-produced film...

The film is reportedly a revenge saga, where Mukesh's character wants to avenge the wrongdoings committed against him. According to the source, Mukesh wants to include a bit where he orchestrates his incarceration so as to get the chance to meet the villains in jail.

Because Jail was such a success for him?

* Certain portions of the Bollywood industry are looking to maximize the number of screens a film appears on.

Bollywood has begun following Hollywood way of bombarding cinema halls with maximum screens. Trade analyst Amod Mehra said, "Avatar released internationally in more than 14,000 screens, we are also doing the same thing. The reason is that shelf life of films has reduced considerably so producers spend on marketing and hyping them so that the audiences come in the first two weeks of the release and maximum revenue is generated. Hence, the collections are going up with each film."

* Kareena Kapoor thinks the South is making better films than Bollywood these days.

* Farhan Akhtar is taking his first acting job for somebody that's not family or friend very seriously.

* Akshay tries to smooth over Russell Peters' remarks.

* The hidden weapon in Force is... this guy.


In Liebe, Indien said...

It is really awesome that we German fans finally get acknowledged too!:) SRK is really the one who introduced Bollywood to Germany a few years ago. That´s why he is the most beloved star here. It were his films they started playing in the theaters first. Even people who don´t like Bollywood much know him.

(This is my first comment I ever left on a blog, yay! Awesome blog by the way.)

Nerdypanda said...

Ugh, I can't believe Ebola is in India. Thank god, she rejected 2 offers.

Bastard Keith said...

Now, see, stories like that are why I'll never be able to give up on the King. Whenever stars are willing to go the extra mile for their fans, I'm in love.

Mind you, I enjoy the difficult reclusive types, too. I respect it when it's all about the work. But there's an old Hollywood part of me that gets all sentimental when I see a star who makes it his full-time job to be a star. SRK, until he does something way stupider than yammering about Bolly needing to be more "global," is the very model of that.

Akshay is the same way for me, though he's by far the one who I feel most connected to as an audience member. Salman, I surrender to his boundless need to entertain. Aamir, I give the benefit of the doubt regardless of the project. King Khan, I can't help myself. Hrithik...well, he's just fucking beautiful. But Akshay? He's the one I'm rooting for the moment he comes on screen in a way that's oddly person. He's rough-edged in a way the others aren't. Even when he's giving a supremely fakey performance, the earnest effort behind it is bizarrely touching. His brilliance in Tashan (seriously - BRILLIANCE) makes me want to see him work with Acharya again.

And if he made the phone call? Class act.

In other news, Neil Nitin Mukesh is doing something for some reason about some stuff that Neil Nitin Mukesh ba-derpa-derp. Sources say he is very excited about whatever it is and stuff.

Filmi Girl said...

In other news, Neil Nitin Mukesh is doing something for some reason about some stuff that Neil Nitin Mukesh ba-derpa-derp. Sources say he is very excited about whatever it is and stuff.

HA HA HAAAAAA! That is possibly the greatest comment ever written on this blog. And 100% true.

Of the new crowd, Shahid has come into his own. Rabir has that Kapoor need to sparkle and Ranveer is a flaming ball of charisma. We'll see if he can carry it on into a second film.

Imran is like a wet dishrag, though. I get no vibe from him what so ever. And Neil is beyond over. He's off in Team Zayed land but apparently hasn't figured that out yet. Actually, Zayed hasn't figured out that he's a C-string hero yet either. I'm kind of dreading Love Breakups Zindagi. Imagine if it makes enough money to encourage them to do something else... *shudder*

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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