Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Gossip!

I had such a failure of a movie-watching night last night. Not only was Mausam delayed by a week but the DVD of the flop film I wanted to watch for BOX OFFICE POISON arrived from Netflix with a giant crack in it. Ragini MMS was unbearably awful. And the middle-class life Arya film I started was really boring.

I just gave up on movies for the evening. I still have a giant pile of DVDs waiting to be watching but couldn't really face anything else after that triple disappointment.

NOW! Gossip!

* Outlook has a rundown of 2011 in films.

The Bollywood blockbuster as we knew it is dead. Long live the blockbuster. There have been several of them this year—Ready, Singham, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Murder 2, Delhi Belly. The run of luck has taken the filmmakers themselves by surprise. “ZNMD is considered a multiplex hit. It’s amazing that multiplexes alone have coughed up such huge numbers,” says filmmaker Zoya Akhtar. “It could well be Bollywood’s best year in a decade,” declares Mohan. “The business generated has been extraordinary,” agrees trade expert Amod Mehra.

* The new spate of zombie films is getting picked up in the international press. It's not a bad piece but a) why did they use of Riteish Deshmukh and a (misidentified) Bipasha Basu to illustrate it and b) why is Genelia D'Souza referred to as an "up and coming" heroine.

* Mads is moving back to India!

* Wow! I haven't heard Hrishitaa Bhatt's name in a while. I wonder if she's improved since Asoka...

* This has been going around but Shilpa isn't retiring, she's just taking a sabbatical. We'll miss her!

* Why does it feel like this story was made up? Sigh. Arshad is allegedly giving special treatment to Minissha Lamba. The story ends with this:

When we asked Arshad, he said it was all rubbish.

Heh. One suspects he learned his lesson about messing with starlets after the Dia Mirza debacle.

* Arbaaz Khan doesn't want to be compared to Salman.

Talking to a daily, Arbaaz said, “All star sons can`t be stars. Sachin`s son will never be another Sachin. I`m successful as a filmmaker and my brother is doing well as an actor. I got a National award for `Dabangg`, so I don`t have any regrets about not being a big star."

I'm actually looking forward to this - anybody know who the hero is going to be? The articles that I found that talk about it are mostly in Kannada... which I can't read.

* An interesting read on the male dominated culture of make up artists...

How does someone so obviously talented find herself denied the right to work? The grand council responsible for making malehood a qualification for the job is the Cine Costume Make-up Artistes and Hair Dressers Association, considered the industry’s official body of these ‘professionals’. Since its inception in 1955, it has never granted a make-up card to a woman. The reason is simple and explicit: to keep out competition from half the human species.

* And the New York Film Academy is going to actively recruit Indian students... uh oh. Exactly what Bollywood doesn't need - people trying to make Western films for Indian audiences.

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