Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Gossip

This just in... I don't need to see another tankard of mead for quite some time. The Ren Fest is always fun but, yeah, the next day can be a bit rough.

Today in gossip - director Jag Mundhra has passed away; check out a profile of Rahul Khanna; and enjoy a new song promo from Force!

* Director Jagmohan Mundhra (Naughty @ 40) has passed away.

* A film I've never heard of is suddenly making news for not being able to shoot in Ireland. Now I have two questions? Who is Zarah Shah and why should I care?

* Shanghai will have an issue-based item song...

This is the first time the director will have two choreographed songs in his film. One, which is about killing and violence, will feature Emraan Hashmi and will be shot on Mumbai’s streets. The other is about the Indian obsession with white skin, and is a full-fledged item number featuring Canadian beauty, Scarlet.

* Check out a profile of Rahul Khanna!

Unlike most star children, Rahul’s on-screen career began as a video jockey for MTV Asia. “My years with MTV were blissfully fun. I got to travel constantly, interact with huge international stars and work with some very creative people,” he explains. “Hosting TV shows is all about addressing the camera, whereas acting in films is all about pretending the camera doesn’t exist. I always knew I eventually wanted to do films,” adds Rahul, who upon being offered Deepa Mehta’s Earth, knew it was time to move on.

* Deepika Padukone is... over-compensating.

So, is she removing the RK tattoo from the nape of her neck? "It's very personal and I don't think the world needs to know about it," she signs off.

Look, as a public person, you can get a GIANT TATTOO proclaiming your love for somebody and then not expect everybody to be curious about it. If it was really a private matter, we wouldn't have had KOFFEE WITH KARAN-GATE 2010 because the entire thing would have been kept private. It's too late to avoid these questions now, Dippy.

Lastly, a new song promo for Force!

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