Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday Gossip!

Today in gossip, let's run down some MERE BROTHER KI DULHAN news and reviews! I went last night and my review should be the post below this one or click here. I avoided giving away any of the jokes or plot punches, so please feel free to read if you haven't seen the film yet but the takeaway is: not a great film but it's worth seeing if you enjoy Yash Raj romantic comedy films like Salaam Namaste. The negatives are a lackluster Imran Khan and a shoddy script but the good points out weigh that - namely the music (there is a lot of it and it's great) and performances from Katrina (delightful!) and Ali Zafar. If you haven't seen Ali before, you are in for a real treat. The man has that It Factor.

* First of all, it's a good policy in general to ignore all reviews like this one, which gives the film 1 star.

Every year, YRF launches a director or two, who then make the same films other directors were already making for the banner. There’s not a shred of originality, not even an attempt to rise over the mindlessness; just a set pattern that is replicated to the T, even though it’s met with little success time and again.

Look, nobody goes to film like this to see something original. We want to see something familiar from time to time. My friend and I were talking as we left the theater about how happy the film made us feel and after a long week at work, THAT is what an audience wants.

* The opening seems to have been pretty good so we'll see if the trend continues. I hope the film does well, especially since it was a real female driven story and I think it's great to see Kat in her denims and motorcycle boots taking on Salman in his denims and motorcycle boots for the title of Box Office Champ.

* Ali Zafar talks about the film.

And what do you think about the music in the film? Also what was your experience doing the Madhubala song?

Music is an extremely important element in a film and a director should have good music sense. Ali has that quality in him. The music director for the film is a youngster called Sohail Sen and he is superb. I remember the song "Madhubala." The director had sent me an mp3 on email and I just loved it. Both, the director and me are great fans of Kishore Kumar and hence we have this song "Mere Pyaari Bindu" throughout the film. Sohail Sen has given music to a commercial film very tastefully. Also there are different genres of music there is Katrina's rock song where she is shown playing a guitar. I wish I was Katrina and had got to play it.

* Kat is off to Ireland for Salman's Ek Tha Tiger! A few years ago I would have been really wary of this pairing. They had less than no chemistry in Yuuvraaj- the chemistry was so terrible, it was NEGATIVE. She seemed scared of him. But now, not only has Salman revamped his image, Katrina has really grown as a heroine. I think this pairing has the potential for a SUPER HIT!

* More trouble for Ravi Kishan - his maid committed suicide. So far there have been no allegations made against Ravi.

* It's been an odd week for news stories involving Bhojpuri actresses. Nisha Yadav took the initiative to file an FIR against a man who pretended to be a film producer and harassed her for sexual favors. And Bhawna Tiwari lost an arm after falling from a train.

* Zayed Khan thinks it would be unfair to ask Hrithik to appear in one of his films. I AGREE! Also, I think it's unfair to ask audiences to watch one of Zayed Khan's films. He is a genuinely terrible actor.

* And sister Susanne Roshan might be the inspiration for a film on Bollywood Biwis.

And for those curious, the FULL episode of Preity Zinta's chat show is uploaded to youtube. Her first guest? SALMAN KHAN!


Jess said...

Salman and Katrina had no chemistry on screen when they were dating off of it. But their little bits together in Tees Maar Khan and Bodyguard had something in them. So hopefully that carries into Ek Tha Tiger.

I haven't seen Preity's show yet, but she seems like she could fit into that role.

messi said...

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