Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Gossip!

Today in gossip - Shahid in 3D; Shirish Kunder channels George Lucas; some people you don't care about REALLY want to do Bollywood; and... a sexy sax?

* Happy 88th Birthday to... Dev Anand! May you always be Evergreen, Dev-saab.

* Progress? Shoaib Akhtar's accusations against SRK will not affect India-Pakistan cricket ties, according to the Board of Control for Cricket in India.

* Whoa, whoa whoa... Shahid Kapoor in a 3D remake of Thief of Baghdad? Can we get this in 3D, too?

* Interview with Shirish Kunder!

So how innovative can one expect Joker to be?

A lot, especially after VFX is integrated into the scenes. When Akshay or a Sonakshi stare at me with a surprised expression after being made to act against a green backdrop, I really enjoy that moment. Something similar happens in movies made by George Lucas as well because no one knows in the beginning what is being shot. I don't think that would be the case in Kick though because my actors would know exactly what are they shooting. It would be far more straight forward.

I don't know if I would be bringing out Lucas's green screen as a confidence booster for the audience... I saw the prequel Star Wars films...

* I really hate interviews left in Q&A format but this one with Mallika Sherawat's Politics of Love co-star is worth a look.

Whether you are Indian, Latino, African American or African, you are outside of mainstream Hollywood. And if we do an analysis there are less roles for us. I think the more we make films like the Politics Of Love which appeals to all the markets, the better. For, we will open up roles for ourselves. Mallika and I have taken a step to change all of that in the industry. People do pass racist comments. But as an artist it is our job to change their thought process and develop short-term memory. You remember the good people and the bad people. It is good to forgive or you might keep the toxic energy inside you and feel sick. You have to be a strong person to be in this industry. I follow Mahatma Gandhi's quote "Be the change you would like to see in others".

I get the feeling he really believes in this movie... which is kind of sweet.

* As for Ms. Sherawat, her item song in the Tamil re-make of Dabangg is going to be called "Kalasala."

* Bodyguard is just behind 3 Idiots in terms of overall box office.

* Randeep Hooda allegedly threw a temper tantrum over being given less priority than Mahie Gill and Jimmy Shergill in the promotions of Sahib Biwi aur Gangster. Let me tell you why, Randeep - Mahie Gill is pretty and people KNOW who Jimmy Shergill is. You? Not so much.

* Speedy Singhs gal Camilla Belle says she's "open to work in Bollywood films if a right opportunity comes along with a right project."

Really? How wonderful... And the reason any of us should care is...? Why do Western actors always act like they would be doing BOLLYWOOD the favor by appearing in a Bollywood film? This isn't like Dame Judi Dench saying she would love to do something (can that happen, though?)

* Sigh. And along those lines, Paris Hilton thinks every single Indian woman on the planet is exotic and gorgeous but, promisingly, nobody showed up at Paris' party. Well, nobody except Kangana. Heh.

* I wanted to read this piece seriously but then... this happened in the first paragraph.

"Love Love Love" has a very subtle reggae influence. I want to be on the beach with a beer and not have 'in the recording studio' vibe to it (smiles). We've used our reference song called 'Baby I Loved Your Way'..."

Sorry, was I laughing too loudly? Really, music director guy? You want me to take you seriously when your "reggae" reference song is wet noodle Peter Frampton track that was covered reggae-style for that classic wet noodle film Reality Bites? A song that prominently features wet noodle "sexy sax" in the intro?

Love Breakups Zindagi
grows increasingly like a nightmare...

We tried to stop them. They came back. *sexy sax plays* Dia Mirza... Zayed Khan... in *adult contempo vocals kick in* Love Breakups Zindagi. *Letters melt from the screen in blood font.*

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