Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Gossip!

Today in gossip - BODYGUARD *flex flex* and a new Rishi-Ranbir Pepsi commercial plus a few other odds and ends! Check it out!

* Bodyguard is rocking the box office. Bebo now has three of the last six top grossing films.

(But did Himesh rip off Teri Meri? But if it's really a folk song, it doesn't matter too much... he shouldn't claim it as his own composition, though.)

* Salman is doing fine for now but will need another surgery. ALL THE BEST, SALMAN-BHAI!

* Saif's papa will be out of hospital soon.

* Kat thinks Imran Khan's resemblance to a young Aamir Khan is kind of freaky.

"He looks like Aamir, he sounds like him. At times I feel it is Aamir and not Imran that I am sitting with and talking to. It freaks me out completely," Katrina said.

* Some Mumbai-based company is financing a "clean" Delhi Belly remake in Tamil. The only thing I have to say is... WHY? The whole USP of Delhi Belly was the filth.

* Hrithik is grateful to Farah Khan for helping build his reputation as a dancer.

“Back then (11 years ago) I was just following what Farah was saying. But I still remember how she treated me…like her own family. She held my hand and guided me through every step. I owe a lot to her. She’s the one who gave me my first dance step in Bollywood."

* Kangana Ranaut is writing a script. Feel free to call me, Kangs, if you need help with any English.

AND LOOK! Ranbir and Rishi hawking Pepsi together.... soooo sweet!! (It's almost enough to make me switch over from Coke. Almost.)

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