Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Gossip!! (Why is it Monday again?)

Today in gossip - Ra.1 box office speculation; casting news; assorted bits from interviews with people like Imran and Ranveer; and a couple of song promos - one is awesome and the other is embarrassing. Guess which movies!!

* Guys!! I have another nemesis! This girl who is writing bullshit about Bollywood for some Florida independent news outlet. She is like Rachel Saltz with a smaller platform.

You may remember that I mentioned in the previous post that most Bollywood films are in Hinglish - mostly Hindi with some English thrown in. There also appears to be an increasing trend of pure English dialogue in Bollywood films, some to the point of being Bollywood-produced English-language films.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is only true if one watches exclusively yuppie romantic-comedies set in NRI enclaves and upper-class Mumbai. Which is what I suspect is happening here.

* The new blockbuster benchmark in Bollywood? 100 crores.

Interestingly, even a Rs 100 earning can’t dictate if a film is a hit. “It all depends on the budget of the film. If I make a film for Rs 100 crore and earn only as much, then it’s not a hit. We spent around Rs 40 crore on Singham and earned over Rs 100 crore; that was profit,” says Rohit Shetty, director of Golmaal 3 and Singham.

* Which means that even if Ra.1 does decent business at the box office, it may not make a profit.

The movie’s marketing budget is around Rs 35-40 crore, of which Rs 12-15 crore has been earmarked for online promotion, an advertising executive involved with the promotion of the movie said on condition of anonymity.

So, the marketing budget of Ra.1 is equal to the ENTIRE budget of Singham, which made 100 crore.

(Komal Nahta spells it all out for us. It's going to depend on what distributers will pay - so SRK may not be the one left holding bag if it fails to catch on.)

* Along those lines, Krrish 3 and Son of Sadar have gone for huge sums.

* Ranveer Singh is not one for false modesty.

"I have always been this attention seeker. I do things just to get attention. I love the claps, the whistles. Whatever I do, I do for it. I love adulation of any kind," Ranveer said.

And I, for one, not only support that attitude; I encourage it. There is nothing I like better than a showboat who admits to enjoying showboating. Nothing.

(Dance, Ranveer, dance!)

* Imran Khan is not quite as candid in his interview. One does have to wonder why he continues to do those romantic comedies when he doesn't seem all that excited by them.

* Speaking of Imran, one beneficiary of Mausam's delay? Mere Brother Ki Dulhan.

* Bobby Darling was one of a number of party guests who was fined for being too noisy... and immoral.

"I was invited to the party by one of my gay friends saying it is his birthday party. I went there as a celebrity guest for the party, for which, I charged him. I did not know it was a gay party," Bobby Darling told PTI. "Later, I learnt that the permission for the party was not taken. And I did not behave indecently...I went to police station after the request of the cops and signed on the papers when they asked me to do so. I did not pay any fine but the party organisers must have paid the fine on my behalf," Bobby said.

Sounds to me like it was a legitimately illegal club night that was busted and is making the news because it was targeted at gay men. Poor Bobby Darling! I wonder how many of these illegal club nights aimed at heteros get a pass from the police with just a wink, nod, and some cash...

* Unless Zayed Khan has undergone a charisma transplant, I don't care about any of his upcoming films. This is where I get the most annoyed at star children - just because you WANT a career in films, if audiences have rejected you, you can't force one. I don't begrudge anybody a launch or a flop or two but seriously, Zayed? I saw Mission Istaanbul. I know the depths of tedium to which you can send an audience.

* I'm looking at you, too, Tusshar. Nobody wants to see you as a romantic lead - and especially not in a double role with THREE leading ladies.

* One person I'm happy to see make the papers? Dilshad Vadsaria - who is breaking ethnic barriers in Hollywood.

Which is probably how she was cast as Rebecca Logan in Greek, a character that was supposed be a southern girl and the daughter of a senator. "I auditioned for a different role on the show, but I found out much later that when I walked in, the show runner said to someone else, 'We found our Rebecca today,'" says Dilshad.

* Saif's father is back in hospital.

* Ramya is doing an item!

* It's not just the ladies that Yash Raj wants to be fit for Dhoom 3. Abhishek is having to hit the gym.

* Prachi Desai won't do bold scenes... and it's causing her some trouble.

Have a couple of song promos to get your morning/evening started right!

Embarrassing Disco Uncle is embarrassing.

Everything about this one is AMAZING! I love the mash-up of old-timey and modern. *whistle whistle*


Yunus Perveez said...

I am always amazed at Shahid's dance skills, the guy is so good but Hritik seems to get all the praise. Maybe the guy needs to change choreographers or something... Cant wait for Mausam

eliza bennet said...

SRK already said at an interview (quoted in this site) that he doesn't think Ra.1 will make a profit even if it does good box office since he has spend so much money making it.

I also like Ranveer's attitude. Admitting to like attention is better than false modesty (the best of course is when there is honest modesty)

I love it when Abhi hits the gym, he looked so good in Raavan.

Filmi Girl said...

@Asim Shahid can DANCE but he doesn't have the hype machine of Hrithik behind him. His set pieces are generally less HERO-ish and more chocolate hero-ish, if that makes sense. I loved Chance Pe Dance but it didn't win him any awards. I wonder if he had done a real dance for Kaminey if it would have made a difference...

Either way, I'm really looking forward to Mausam!!

@Eliza Did he? My memory can be short... ;P Thanks for pointing that out! I guess the question is, who is going to take the hit? SRK or the distributors?

lvrplfc4l said...

Your nemesis writes for the University of Florida paper which means she is probably a student who likes what she has seen of Bollywood. Instead of ranting you might want to send her a link to your Bollywood For Beginners Index and a list of movies to watch. Just a thought, She's opened the door try inviting her in?

Filmi Girl said...

@lvrplfc4l Hmmm... so instead of being angry on the Internet, use "logic"? ;PPP

You are wise, indeed, my friend. Thank you for pointing this out. I may just take your advice. :)

Bastard Keith said...

FG, you know I love you, and your site is one of the five I visit EVERY DAY...

But can we not all be just a LITTLE excited about Ra.1? It's King Khan. As a robot superhero. And it's a full-on musical, not some shitty montage-based "Sorry we have songs, but if it helps, there won't be any silly dancing" New Bolly concoction. It looks HUGE. Is Shah Rukh a little bit ridiculous in his promotions? Yes. Because he is a Cruise-like megastar and thus an eccentric, given to saying ridiculous things. When he talks about it going global, it's the same shit they were saying about Endhiran. I'll be honest, Ra.1 looks about as Bolly as they come. Certainly head and shoulders above Blue and its ilk.

But at this point I feel like you're rooting against it. And I know that's not you. Save the vitriol for Saltz and the anti-dance brigade. They are the REAL ENEMY. And you remain my favorite Bolly writer.

Filmi Girl said...

@bastard keith DUDE! I know - my schadenfreude is in high gear and I can't quite pin down why. I think it does have something to do with how Ra.1 looks so much like those boring Hollywood superhero movies I'm so tired of. It just looks like it's set to be Blue but with superheroes and song picturizations.

I'm just not getting the GLEE from the promos that I'm feeling from even something like Mausam, which has the same desperate LOVE ME PLZ vibe to it.

Ra.1 feels like it was crafted to please every single person on Earth but is not really going to please anyone. I don't know... I just wish we were seeing a passion project from SRK, like Veer was for Salman. I'm not a fan of corporate film making and the more I hear about Ra.1, the less excited I get.

Does that make sense at all? Maybe I should do a post on BOLLYWOOD-SCHADENFREUDE. We all have people we like to see flop. (Right?) (RIGHT?!)

Bastard Keith said...

I think with Ra.1, the promos are the issue more than the product. If that goofy-ass song with the perm showed us anything, it's that they are NOT going Hollywood with this. That's Mr. India levels of silly.

I think SRK's passion has been, will always be, hit movies. Not necessarily visions or ideas or themes, but BIGNESS. And if this is half as enormous as it looks to be (and made with the quality control that usually blankets SRK's star pictures), it's going to be a blast. They're promoting a Bolly product with Western ad stylings. So while the footage looks F**KING AMAZING to me, I don't think they quite know how to cut together a preview of it.

For all I know, I'm wrong and it's terrible. But King Khan was my doorway into Bollywood. And this looks pretty damn spectacular to me. Do I wish Farah Khan was directing every damn thing he stars in? HELLS YES. But sue me, I liked Kites.

Bastard Keith said...

And I think it looks WAY better than Blue because it looks loonier. That, it has in common with Veer.

I have a feeling we haven't seen 80 percent of what Ra.1 really is.

maxqnz said...

Love your comment that Shahid is seen as more chocolate box hero than hero, FG! He really was too cute for his own good in the early days, and that tag has dogged him unfairly since, too. I was thinking exactly what Yunus was about Shahid v Hrithik while watching Sajh daj ke on high rotate, but happily HERE I was allowed to READ his comments. ;)

Filmi Girl said...

I think SRK's passion has been, will always be, hit movies.

Yeah... maybe this is where I part ways with SRK. He was not my intro to Bollywood; I came to him somewhat later after running through Aamir's films and (oddly enough) Saif and Akshay's. I think for me, the best case scenario with Ra.1 is that it ends up like OSO, with so many bells and whistles going on that you leave the theater satisfied - even if the film itself is kind of empty.

That's what I miss from SRK over and over again is the desire to share something with the audience instead of just having us love him. With Veer, Salman puts his heart on the screen. He wants us to share in something with him but with SRK, I always feel like his goal is the audience loving him.

I'll probably like Ra.1 just fine but the wall of promotions and talk about "competing with Hollywood" is really driving me batty. And I can't be the only one.

I think there is a strong feeling out there that this has the potential to flop... and maybe that is why SRK is going overboard to promote it?

Filmi Girl said...

@maxqnz LOL! You'll never get over that whole podcast thing. Shahid just has a baby face! There is certainly a large section of the female population who finds him very sexy but for whatever reason he isn't seen that way by the Bollywood industry/media talking heads at large.

Bastard Keith said...

Honestly, I think the promotion is in overdrive because it's expensive as hell and because it's a home production for Khan.

The talk of competing with Hollywood pops up for several movies in the course of the filmi year. Usually, it is guff. This is nothing new.

As I say, my only investment here is that I want Ra.1 to be entertaining as hell. Whether it's a hit matters not (see my love for Aladin).

Filmi Girl said...

As I say, my only investment here is that I want Ra.1 to be entertaining as hell. Whether it's a hit matters not (see my love for Aladin).

This we can agree on. (See also: my love for Aladin.)

Speaking of, can you even wait for Kahani?!

Bastard Keith said...

What is this Kahani business....?


Filmi Girl said...

DUDE!!! A pregnant Vidya Balan running all around Kolkata - from the same director as Aladin.

Should be phenomenal.

Sujoy keeps tweeting about the music from it, so it must be releasing in the nearish future.

Bastard Keith said...

Vidya is my jam, jelly, peanut butter and bread all in one.

Kahani sounds awesome. Having said that, my holiday viewing must is the no-doubt scandalously wonderful Dirty Picture.

Vidya? Cleavage? 80's song and dance routines?

YES YES YES and a small side helping of YESSSSSS.

Filmi Girl said...

OMG YES! Vidya + 80s style razzle-dazzle = UNF. Those promos... so delicious looking.

I've said once but I'll say it again: Ekta Kapoor is a genius. I want to shake her hand.

Also, I need to get my paws on Urumi - Vidya + some Arya beefcake for good measure. Heh.

Bastard Keith said...

Urumi is actually a very satisfying piece of work. Vidya's not in it much, but her item number is...well...

Watch it.

It's a very poetic film, very much of a piece with Asoka, though even more steeped in mood. In fact, once the film delves into its historical content after some slightly cluttered bookending, mood is 90% of the thing. It's just beautifully evocative. Plus, you get the great director/choreographer Prabhu Deva in a key supporting role.

It's my first Malayalam film, and I was very impressed.

Filmi Girl said...

I like Santosh, so it's on my list. I'll order the DVD next time I make an order from Bhavani. Wasn't out last time I did.

Prabhu Deva = fabulous. What other director makes a CAMEO DANCING in an item song in his own movie? Answer: None.

Ooo! That reminds me that I have his H20 to finish watching. He's excellent in it as a sleazy West-returned guy.

Yunus Perveez said...

@maxqzn so now i need to read your Upodcast dissing here?? It's on bro! :-)

About the Shahid dancing I really thinks he need to switch choreographer. A lot of his dancing is very Shiamak Daavar (understandably) but I just find it so boring see abhishek and rani in that Bunty And Bubli song.
Desi's are still impressed with poppin' and lockin' like hritik does and shahid's moves in dance pe chance, jab we met and now mausam look very similar.

About Ra.One, I'm gonna skip all the promo's now until the movie comes out, only way I can survive it. Kareena looks soooo hot in that red saaree though.

eliza bennet said...

Oddly I don't think there was much dancing in Chance Pe Dance.

Shahid is a great dancer but he doesn't have Hrithik's charisma and the faces Hrithik makes when dancing (In Dhoom Machale intro song he was reaching for Nirvana or something. I wish I could screencap that facial expression)

There was not much dancing in Kaminey but Shahid's performance was the best I have ever seen.

maeve66 said...

I have loved Shahid Kapoor in literally everything I've seen him in, and I think I own almost all of his movies... and I liked the dancing in that clip you put up... but... but... oh, I wish they'd stop with the autotune. That's nothing to do with him, but it makes me like the music less. It's hilarious in comedy, but for me it destroys the vocals in a song. Sigh.

I agree about Hrithik in Dhoom 2, the opening song. My younger niece likes it more than anything else and requests if repeatedly. Actually, I have utterly converted both my nieces (ages 10 and 7) to Bollywood movies, and at 7, Rosie is even starting to read the shorter subtitles on her own. My older niece is entirely fluent in subtitles, and has now started picking out words. From "Jab We Met" -- "Rukhoooooo!"

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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