Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Gossip! HAPPY MONDAY!

Before gossip, I want to link to a wonderful piece from Life Ishtene filmmaker Pawan Kumar. He write about the drive to create something magical for audiences to enjoy.

Why I enjoyed looking at the audience? What joy do I get in making a film? Why do we break our heads for more than a year on creating something, which the audience will judge in 2 hours time! I knew the answer but I didn’t know how to communicate it to myself.

Go and read the whole piece! (And then go and order Manasaare
for which he wrote the script. You will not regret it.)

Today in gossip - all sorts of odds and ends! Item song news from Bebo and Kat; a potential remake of 7aam Arivu; Ek Tha Tiger takes Ireland; and a whole lot more, including some song promos from Rascals and My Friend Pinto!

* Let's start with my old nemesis... Yes, Rachel Saltz has reviewed Mere Brother Ki Dulhan.

This Yash Raj Films production entertains, but the brittle Ms. Kaif keeps it earthbound. Her Dimple is brash all right, but her antics are more grating than convincing. Styled as open and self-possessed, she lacks one essential quality: charm.

This is essentially the opposite reaction of 99% of reviews I have read in which people either hated it but liked La Kaif or liked it and enjoyed La Kaif. She also completely neglects to mention Ali Zafar, who essentially walks away with the second half of the film, instead preferring to use her limited column space to write about her take on how Hindi film heroines have changed over the years. Because apparently that's more important than, you know, writing about the film in a capsule film review.

I have to wonder if Saltz even watches these films or if she is there in the theater composing her quickie reviews on an iPhone in the dark while the film plays above her; hits send at the interval; and then leaves to collect a pay check.

* Meanwhile over in Florida Caitlin O'Connor suggests possibly the worst list of films to hook beginning Bollywood viewers.

"I Hate Luv Storys" (2010): You may not get all of the "filmi" (things uniquely Bollywood) jokes this film makes, but you'll get a taste of Bollywood conventions while watching them be good-naturedly mocked in this film. Available streaming on Netflix and here on YouTube.

REALLY? EWWWW! I don't think I would have watched a second Bollywood film if this had been my first. It incorporates everything I loathe about contemporary Hindi cinema.

* I am really enjoying the Irish excitement over Ek Tha Tiger!

* Eros Entertainment is moving into Korea - which is amazing. Maybe Korea will return the favor? There are plenty of Korean films that would make superb Bollywood remakes.

* Joginder Tuteja thinks Bob Christo's autobiography should have been less about Bob Christo.

Unfortunately, though the biggest undoing of 'Flashback' is the fact that it is more about Bob's life and times, which is outside rather than inside Bollywood. Frankly, and meaning no offence to his departed soul, hardly anyone can be expected to be curious about the real life story of a man who happened to be character artist on the big screen.

Wait... what? OF COURSE I'm curious about that! Who wouldn't want to read about a guy who came over from Australia and accidentally stumbled into the Hindi film industry? It takes a different kind of guy to do something like that.

* Amitabh Bachchan is waiving his fee to appear in Baz Luhrman's The Great Gatsby because it's a one scene appearance.

* Is Shahrukh's Ra.1 poster inspired by Batman? (Probably.)

* Pinto's Trishna has been getting good buzz in Toronto but may be a frustrating watch for the average film viewer.

* Read an interview with one of my favorite South Asian actresses working in Hollywood - and who should be getting those roles going to Pinto - Dilshad Vadsaria.

‘I think for me, the imaginary world was always exciting. I started in New York doing theatre, from having just one person in an audience to performing for a full house. I think I’ve always enjoyed playing different characters, blending into different environments and such. So for me, it can be theatre or being in LA or in some other part of the world, as long as I can explore storytelling and human connection through storytelling, I’m quite content,’ said Dilshad, who started her small screen career with ‘Vanished’ in 2006.

* If nothing else, Agent Vinod will be providing us with Bebo performing a Manish Malhotra-styled mujra.

* And Katrina will be doing an item for Agneepath.

* Aamir Khan has allegedly been inquiring after 7aam Arivu.

* THIS is awful - apparently Nikitha, who Challenging Star Darshan is rumored to be seeing, is banned from Sandalwood because...

KFPA office-bearer Rockline Venkatesh said, “We felt that Nikitha was responsible for creating a big storm in Darshan’s family life. Hence we have decided that none of the producers should sign her up for three years.”

Talk about victim blaming!!! WHAT ABOUT DARSHAN?! Should he bear the responsibility for threatening his own wife with a gun? Why blame Nikitha? Ugh. Sometimes, the patriarchy is too much... you know?

Now for some song promos!

A dance off between Ajay Devgn and Sanjay Dutt is probably the last thing anybody thought they would see... although Ajay is dancing with more energy that we've seen him lately. Sanjay is embarrassing himself. Somebody tell him to stop!

Prateik Babbar, on the other hand, is looking very lively in this promo from My Friend Pinto!

I have no idea what's going on here but it amused me nonetheless! Look at Vinay Pathak in his sharp pink polo!


Sal said...

I love Dilshad; she was delicious on Greek.

Michael Barnum said...

I cannot even believe Joginder Tuteja's comment about Bob Christo's book...WTFudge! Isn't the point of reading an autobiography to find out about that person? Oy!

aham said...

Saw Lifeu Ishtene last weekend and its a pretty good movie considering its Pawan's debut movie,well made and entertaining,it has got mainly positive reviews and people are loving it,songs are awesome,watch it you will love it.

eliza bennet said...

"There are plenty of Korean films that would make superb Bollywood remakes."

And some of them are already remade, Zinda, Ugly Aur Pagli, Welcome...

I think a great remake would be My Wife is a Gangster.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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