Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Zareen Khan at India International Jewelry Week

I've come to really like Zareen (she's got a new spelling now) Khan. I wonder how many of the people mocking her have even seen Veer...

More pictures below!

Oh, hi, gorgeous!

Look at that sassy hip thrust!

I want that outfit... like now.

Anybody picking on Zareen is going to get a tight slap from me! (And possibly one from Sallu-bhai, too!)


Amaluu said...

No way should she lose an OUNCE of weight. She's so pretty. I haven't seen her in any movies, but I thought she was pretty in the Character Dheela video. If she lost weight, she'd just look like Katrina Kaif! No thanks! (Oh FG, I'm picking on your girl, I know ... sorry!)

kavi said...

I hv been following your blog for quite some time now & hv realized that we feel the same when it come to actors but think completely opposite when it comes to the actresses.

You can slap me silly but I can't stand this zareen/zarin & while I am at it & being slapped, let me add...aishwarya still can't act, kangana is a total ham & wears more make-up than priyanka & her voice is like running nails on a wall & Katrina has the most expressionless face & eyes !! :-)

Filmi Girl said...

@amaluu You would be surprised at how many blogs/sites posted these pictures with some variation on "she needs to lose weight" attached to them. People be trippin...

@kavi :) Thanks for the comment!

We all have our tastes... and I wonder if this in particular has to do with a preference for "hammy" acting vs. whatever it is that Deepika, Sonam, and Priyanka do. They bore me to tears and yet many people think they are wonderful performers!

maeve66 said...

I used not to like Piggy Chops, but I feel like her last several movies have been quite different in acting style. Deepika, on the other hand...

Lime(tte) said...

Same with me (about Priyanka), but she has convinced me in her past movies.
I think Zareen is very pretty, but I heard she's not a very talented actress, and I also hate when people change their names due to numerological predictions.

Nerdypanda said...

I think Zareen is pretty but not a very good actor. On the other hand, Jacqueline's acting I like. BTW, Zareen ain't fat. People are crazy these days!

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