Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday Gossip... EID MUBARAK!

So, how awesome was the trailer for Dirty Picture?! Is it December yet?! I'm posting the Rockstar trailer today! It looks amazing but I have to say... ENOUGH WITH CASTING MODELS IN "SERIOUS" FILMS! What I saw of Nargis was enough to make me cringe. Models are perfectly fine in bikini girl roles and if Sajid Khan wanted to launch three models in Housefull 2, I wouldn't complain (too much) but opposite Ranbir in this film should be a girl who is an actress... do you know who would have been perfect? Ayesha Takia. Or even somebody like one of the non-Sonam girls from Aisha.

Ah, well... coulda, shoulda, woulda...

Is there anybody in Milwaukee
? You all have an Indian Film Festival in town!

And my friends in Pakistan have THREE new releases this Eid! Unfortunately, none from India, however. You'll just have to bootleg Bodyguard.

Today in gossip - Neil Nitin Mukesh annoys everybody on the sets of Players; casting news for Ajay and Kat; Shruti Haasan's sister is getting launched; LIVE "Madhubala"; and a ton of other assorted odds and ends!

* Shahrukh talks Ra.1... and it's a lot of the same old talking points. I'm feeling kind of wary about this film for one reason - it all feels so calculated, as if SRK gathered all the info he could about what makes a hit film these days and carefully sliced and diced it into Frankenstein's monster, with an eye on pandering to every person alive rather than genuinely entertaining us with a heartfelt story. I'm more than willing to be proved wrong. In fact, I HOPE I'm proved wrong but something just makes me feel uneasy.

* File this under: DUH. Apparently, Bollywood stars have treated social networking like a shiny new toy and now the novelty has worn off and they've moved onto other things. Except Aamir and Amitabh, of course. Funny how it's the two with something to say...

* A look at the meaning of Shahrukh and whitening creams...

Coach Khan tells our protagonist that he is a fool for applying a ladies' skin whitening cream. ''Hey, Muscles, using girls' fairness cream? Tomorrow you'll be applying nail polish, the day after it'll be lipstick,'' he threatens.

He encourages the use of a male fairness cream to avoid such indignities, and duly we see our hero reborn as a modern, urban man, wearing jeans and T-shirt, the centre of attention from a group of pretty girls in bright Rajasthani dress.

* Interesting look at the problems of Miss Nepal.

* You know I don't put much stock in these "on set" reports but this one is just too funny! Apparently everybody on the sets of Players is super-annoyed at Neil Nitin Mukesh because he keeps butting into everything.

What's worse, the actor is bursting with inputs on scenes or song sequences, annoying several of the other actors in the movie. However, while the rest of the cast is apparently taking Neil's 'friendly advice' with a smile, Sonam Kapoor has decided not to entertain him. For a song-and-dance sequence, Neil (who prides himself on being a singer, composer and choreographer) started supervising the choreographer. "Neil meant no harm. He likes to make his presence felt on the sets. But when he advised Sonam on how to do her steps, she told him to keep his advice to himself," says a source.

HA HA HA!!!! Don't think we forgot about Jail, dude.

* Are we going to see John Abraham and Vidya Balan together again? (I HOPE SO!)

* Vivek Oberoi is a cutie!

Moving to Krrishbuzz is your character is confined to a wheelchair in the first half, but does lots of action in the latter part...

Well, it's designed to generate curiosity. All I can say for now is that he's like a crazy, comic book villain. When Rakeshji (Roshan) narrated the role to me, he told me he had written this character with me in mind. I wanted to do cartwheels right there and then!

* Katrina and Ajay for Prakash Jha's next. This could be wonderful or a disaster. I wonder if they'll have chemistry...

* Ranbir and Rishi!! United on film!

* Kamal Haasan's other daughter is being launched. We can only hope that she's a better actress than *shudder* Shruti.

* That Girl in Yellow Boots: Banned in the Middle East.

* The Guardian ponders the state of Egyptian Cinema - a link I'm including because for YEARS I have wanted to see a real Egyptian mass market film but have been unable to find any with English subtitles.

"Madhubala" performed LIVE! Yay!

And the Rockstar trailer... what do you think of Nargis? She just seems really shrill.


Moimeme said...

Re Bodyguard in Pakistan, there have been tweets about people buying tickets in Karachi & I know someone in Rawalpindi who is also going to the theater, so I don't think they have to resort to bootleg versions.

On Nargis Fakri, I agree she is shrill. In fact, there was one part in the trailer where she's screaming at Ranbir and it was so SCREECHY! Ugh!

And finally, ages ago I did see a mainstream commercial Egyptian movie, shown at my university. It was kind of a cute plot, with a young woman who lands an acting job with a hugely popular star, but for some reason has to pretend to be a child (of about 14). But since she's really in love with the star, she invents an older "sister" who can go out on dates with him and get him to fall in love with her. I enjoyed it.

Jess said...

The problem with Ra.One is all the promos and stuff just make me think of Robot with Rajnikanth.

Katrina and Ajay seem like an odd pair, but i can't worry about a Katrina film not working...she hasn't had a flop in like 3 years.

Nargis looks like a cardboard cutout, which means Rockstar will be 2.5 hours of Ranbir trying to carry the film himself. Considering I'm not interested in rockstars in general, I may just see this when it streams on netflix.

larissa said...

I also agree the female voice in the Rockstar trailer is shrill. But is it Nargis? I was under the impression she has been dubbed for this movie - and unfortunately dubbing often results in performances more shrill than natural.

kavi said...

Katrina in another Prakash jha movie....gawd, another attempt at acting after rajneeti?! She shud stick to her barbie doll roles.

But then, among the current heroines, the are only a handful who can act...vidya balan( considered not glamorous), kareena (considered a senior), rani (considered to be over the hill), priyanka (few good performances) anushka, kangana (both can only do justice to a certain kinda role that they are comfy with)... I guess, all hopes are on sonakshi now ;-)

Can't wait for 'rockstar'...yayyy for Ranbir & imtiaz !!

Jess said...

Kavi--I'd have to disagree with Priyanka (a few good performances)...she makes a bunch flop films but I have yet to see her give a bad performance in any of them. And The Dirty Picture may increase Vidya's glam factor lol.

Side note, it always makes me sad to discuss the careers of actresses, because they are shelved too soon I think.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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