Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Gossip!

Today in gossip! LONG VERSIONS of Dirty Picture and "Chammak Chhalo" trailers and some other stuff, like Minissha Lamba trying to keep her name in the press by making stuff up and an exhibit of vintage erotic Malayalam film posters!

* First things first - enjoy a slideshow of vintage erotic Malayalam film posters!

* It looks like SRK is producing Preity Zinta's new chat show and her first guest is Salman Khan... which leads to breathless speculation on Three Khan dramz from some bored gossip writer.

However, industry sources have it that Aamir refused to appear on the show when he discovered that SRK’s Red Chilies Idiot Box is producing it. Following his refusal, the channel personnel decided to open the show this Saturday with the Salman episode because they felt it would set the tempo for the first season.

(And Hrithik apparently has made up with Salman-bhai.)

* Speaking of bored, Minissha Lamba is trying to generate MORE gossip around herself by claiming that she is receiving threatening phone calls. I suspect either a) her mafia connections or b) it's her secretary on the other end.

This is just getting sad, Minissha! I used to be able to take you seriously...

* Rishi Kapoor on playing a negative role.

"For the first time in almost 40 years of my career I gave him a angry...bad look...a test look. He built up the confidence and eventually things worked out. He trusted me to have carried out the look," Rishi said.

* Prabhudeva is a fan of the Step Up series...

* I love sensible Katrina Kaif. She is much sharper than anybody gives her credit for.

While we are talking about her journey in Bollywood, we also remind her that she had not long ago said she would want to get married by 2012 and even before we can say anything, she shoots, “I am going to conveniently pretend to forget that I ever said that ‘would get married by 2012’."

* Sonakshi Sinha talks stardom.

In fact, Sonakshi believes there’s a simple logic behind all the false stories circulating about her: “People want to read about you, so you will be written about. And they would rather talk about you than not talk at all. It’s a sign that you are doing well. If you are successful, people will try to pull you down. It’s a rule of life.”

(Does this mean the film with Ranveer Singh is a rumor?!)

* Aishwarya Rai doesn't trust Madhur Bhandarkar not to use her image everywhere in Heroine promotions... (like Bebo would EVER let that fly!)

* Harman Baweja-Genelia D'Souza starrer It's My Life to finally release! I kind of can't wait for the reviews to start rolling out...

Okay, back up because it's about to get CRAZY in here!! THE FULL LENGTH DIRTY PICTURE TRAILER IS OUT!

And... YES! The LONG VERSION of the "Chammak Chhalo" song promo is OUT!

Is it me or is SRK looking kinda like Rajini in Endhiran? Also... EEEEE!

Anybody want to see a movie about Himesh Reshemmiya getting nagged by his girlfriend a lot? Here you go! DamaDamm trailer!


Jess said...

The Dirty Picture looks..A-MA-ZING! Naseeruddin's HAIR!! I seriously can't stop laughing.

For some reason Chammak Challo is private. :(

avdi said...

Dirty Picture looks awesome. I remember thinking Vidya seemed to be holding herself back in Ishqiya. But here she is totally comfortable being dirty.

Dang.. December is aeons away.

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