Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday Gossip!

Sorry for missing yesterday's post everybody! I came down with a bug on Tuesday afternoon and was holed up in bed feeling sorry for myself all day yesterday...

Today in gossip - a female model comes out of the closet; catch up with Delhi Belly's Poorna; first trailer for Ajay's Rascals; Nagesh Kukunoor tries to put the blame for 8x10 Tasveer elsewhere; and a billion more tiny stories!!

* I'm sick for ONE DAY and look what I miss - model Mink Brar comes out of the closet!

Mink says, “I am a lesbian. It is my life and I do not care what people think. Let people do whatever they want to; I do not bother about their criticism.”

I believe this calls for some applause! Way to smash some boundaries!

* This interview with Poorna Jagannathan could be part of my outsider in Bollywood series!

So talking about pre-conceived notions, did any of her own stock conceptions of Bollywood change when she was thrown into the thick of it?

"Yes, certainly," Poorna says. "For instance, with the new breed of actors - I expected them to also have an entourage. I met some stars like Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif and found instead that not only was there no entourage, but also that they were down-to-earth, funny; they were interested and interesting. It was so cool," she says.

* The Wall Street journal asks: can Priyanka become a global pop star?

Chopra’s new venture comes at a time in which record labels continue to struggle to make money in a digital world. Though the overhead costs for breaking a new artist internationally can easily surpass the seven-figure mark, the team and fledgling label behind Chopra have taken on the financial risk in the hope that Chopra’s fans in India, the U.K, and other parts of the world will rush to buy her music, which will help her also attract new admirers. They’re modeling their strategy on stars such as Shakira.

Can I also add that it's so weird looking at Priyanka's nipped and tucked face now after seeing her gorgeous original face win Miss World in 2000. Why did you do it, PC?! WHY?!

* Run down a list of all of Salman Khan's major feuds.

John Abraham faced Salman's ire during a tour 2006. John accused Sallu of being ‘bossy'. After the shooting of Babul Salman said he will never work John again.

* No end in sight for the troubles of Prakash Jha's Aarakshan.

* UTV puts all speculations on Heroine to rest.

We would like to clarify that no casting has been finalised for Heroine at all. We further wish to state that no financial terms have been agreed upon and definitely not even remotely close to the figures quoted in a tabloid article.

* I wish I could listen to the Purani Jeans radio show!!

What kind of response is generated by Purani Jeans over the years?

The response is great, infact Purani Jeans has become a hub for the listeners, they are much more relaxed and in the mood to participate after a long day. The participants belongs from all age group and I feel the show suits its name, Bollywood’s golden era is truly like a purani jeans which you never want to discard.

* Shanghai has finished shooting!

When asked how the film had shaped up so far Dibakar said, “Frankly I have been stunned by the performances from our stars and our character artistes. I can safely say that all preconceived notions that people have about both Abhay and Emraan are going to be shattered by this movie. Similarly, the performances from the senior actors are also among the best in their already glittering characters. I can’t wait to get to the edit table to shape this movie into one that will bring out the best of these performances.”

All I know is that with Pitobash and Kalki as part of the cast, it's going to be an electric film!

* Abhishek Bachchan turns down the Chupke Chupke remake and is smart to do so.

Confirms a source, "Abhishek has turned down the role of the scatter-brained Botany professor (played by the Big B in the original) in Sohail Maklai's remake of Chupke Chupke, as no matter how well he performs the role, he will be compared unfavourably with his father."

* Ameesha Patel was thrown a favor and has been cast opposite Anil Kapoor in Race 2. Oh, how the mighty have fallen... while other heroines that debuted around the same time are still doing Three Khan films, Ameesha is lucky to get cast as a third string heroine opposite 50ish Anil Kapoor.

* Kangana's bikini body in Rascals is revealed...

* Bipasha and Maddy for Shaadi Fast Forward.

* Rohit Shetty wants to make films for Tusshar Kapoor and Kajol. (Why not combine the two into ONE super-film?! Somehow I don't think Ajay will mind Kajol working with Tusshar.)

* Preity Zinta's chat show has a name.

* Vir Das will be at Edinburgh!!

* Will we be seeing a repeat of the 2009 BOX OFFICE BATTLE?

* Kat is doing yet another item - this time for Agneepath.

* Ek Tha Tiger poster!

* Nagesh Kukunoor tries to explain away 8x10 Tasveer.

8×10 Tasveer was a completely different thing. The film suffered a bad schedule in Canada. I always shoot my films on the trot; production handled it very poorly and then I spent one year playing catch up, shooting the film in pieces, which I have never done before. All of my films I have shot at a stretch, all the 11 films I have made. This was the only film shot in sporadic spurts – some portions in January, March, some in the following January. The film got stretched out and then eventually, there was a distributors’ strike, and the film did not open well.

No, that was not the problem - the problem is the extreme disdain that Nagesh had for mainstream films (and mainstream audiences) leaked into 8 x 10 Tasveer and turned it into this awful hybrid of art house and conventional masala film that took the worst of both and shoved them together.

Trailer for Rascals!

Sigh. I'm probably going to enjoy this... heh.

New trailer for Force!

And I'm definitely going to enjoy this!

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I just hope this whole music career thing doesn't turn PC into India's Jennifer Lopez, I'm not a fan of JLo.

I'm enjoying Kats item song run right now, the one in Bodyguard is fun.

John and Genelia look too cute!

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