Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Gossip

Today in gossip - a few odds and ends, including interviews with Katrina Kaif and Bodyguard director Siddique, Sridevi at Lakme Fashion Week!

* Let's start with a delightful takedown of all the recent "issue" movies that leads into a fair and balanced review of Aarakshan by Saim Sadiq.

While certain films, like Prakash Jha’s previous Raajneeti, actually used this formula to some genuine dramatic effectiveness, others like My Name Is Khan might have ended up being much better products if they didn’t deem it necessary to force in the ‘revolution’.

My fave part (naturellment): And the stunning Deepika Padukone should stop already with her attempts at serious roles that require any sort of acting at all. It isn’t April 1st, darling. And we aren’t fooled.

* Siddique did his Bollywood homework before starting Bodyguard.

"Before I started Bodyguard in Hindi, I saw over 60 films to understand how Bollywood movies are made. Every day I watched at least four-five films. What I have learnt is, besides the cultural differences, the canvas is big, choreography is different, the way emotions are enacted -everything is high-profile," Siddique told PTI.

* Katrina Kaif is pragmatic about gossip.

“What the point in coming out with a clarification. In that case, I am already fanning an existing rumour. The best way to deal with it according to me is to just let it pass,” says Katrina.

* Is it Anushka Shetty for the Kamal Haasan film all the Bollywood heroines turned down?

* Preity Zinta is one of those girls with no girlfriends.

* Barfee crew is in Kolkata. I know not everybody agrees with me but I have a hard time buying "overdone" actresses like PC in roles that are supposed to be normal girls. Normal girls haven't had copious amounts of plastic surgery... this is going to be one of those films I'm going to have trouble watching.

* Read a (poorly formatted) interview with Amol Gupte.

Aapke bachche ne aap se kya kaha while you were making Stanley Ka Dabba?

He terrorises me because he knows he has the right of way. In our house, from the day he gained consciousness, he is consulted for every meal — breakfast, lunch and dinner, what goes in his tiffin box. Once he gets it on the plate, he will not refuse it, because he has asked for it. So there is a certain democracy, with which he can pull my beard or give me a tight slap.

And just for kicks... Sridevi at Lakme Fashion Week!

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