Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Gossip!

Amitabh looks so dapper on the latest Filmfare
cover! Show those kids how it's done, Big B!!

Today in gossip - Raveena Tandon gets a boy toy; catch up with child star Harsh Meyer; ask yourself if you would rest a 100 crore picture on Deepika's slender shoulders; and more!!

* Enjoy this delightful guide to friendship.

Frenemy (noun)

A friend who is also your enemy, this is usually someone with whom you share a sick, twisted friendship wrought with 'compliminsults' (compliments disguised as insults), backstabbing and competition. Best examples are Bollywood actresses when they say, "Why would I fight with her, she is my senior (a compliminsult) in the industry."

* Trinity College is adding a Bollywood music class.

* Bollywood in Belgium! Mukesh Bhatt is shooting Blood Money in Antwerp.

* Punjabi cinema catches the attention of Bollywood for the obvious reason - money!

The makers back then were inspired by loud Punjabi cinema from across the border. The themes were Jat-oriented and nobody could connect with what was happening on screen. When Manmohan Singh released Jee Aaya Nuin in 2003, it was completely different. A musical made in Bollywood style and with the NRI audience in mind. Things have changed completely since then."

From a measly budget of Rs 50-60 lakh, Jee Aaya Nuin broke all records with a budget of Rs 3 crore. They still don't know how much money they made with the film because the industry did not care enough to watch the figures back then.

* Raveen Tandon is back! And she's working with Pankh director Sudipto Chattopadhyaya!!!

Tandon plays a 40-something columnist-author abused by her husband (played by Rohit Roy). She finds solace in a toy boy, one of the many strugglers of Bollywood who is trying to make ends meet.

Says a source, "Raveena's character gets into an intense relationship with a toy boy, played by newcomer Amit Purohit. Her first reaction was to turn down the role since the character was a bit bold. She hasn't attempted a lovemaking or kissing scene. The thought of doing a film where she gets into a relationship with a younger man freaked her out."

Um... I'm already in line for tickets.

* Behind the scenes at a Ranbir Kapoor photo shoot.

* Catch up with the man behind Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap - Puri Jagannath!

"I had a script ready for Amitabh Bachchan. This is when I asked Ram Gopal Varma to get me introduced to Big B so that I could narrate the script to him. RGV took me to Mumbai and I got a chance to narrate my story. Amitabh Bachchan asked me to give him five minutes to decide and after the span of five minutes, he agreed to do the film!”

* Little Harsh Meyer from I Am Kalam is adorable!

Harsh Mayar is still perhaps too young to decide which genre of cinema he would like to dabble in next, but he gleefully says, "All kinds of cinema interest me. I want to meet Salman Khan, Shah Rukh and Akshay Kumar. I want to do a film with Salman Bhai."

* I do think she has her talents (wirework in CC2C!) but wouldn't rest a 100 crore film on Deepika Padukone's shoulders...

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