Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Gossip - Shammi Kapoor

Sad news today - Shammi Kapoor has passed away. Some tributes and a few other things under the cut.

* Sad news this morning Shammi Kapoor has passed away.

Shammi's son remembers his father. As does Lata Mangeshkar and Saira Banu.

A fan reminisces about having tea with Shammi.

You may also want to go and watch Shammi's video blogs on his youtube channel.

* Sanjay Dutt is Munnabhai forever.

* Katrina Kaif talks Mere Brother Ki Dulhan.

Imran Khan said in an earlier interview that MBKD will silence those who doubt your acting abilities. You think so?

Imran meant it in a nice way but I told him I did not think anyone doubted my acting credentials (laughs). So then Imran became silent.

Oh, Katrina, you are so sweet!

* UK newspaper the Telegraph is baffled by the Indian fashion industry.

It’s modelling, but not as we know it. Indian models start their careers much later than their Western counterparts. They have the luxury to do so since their careers last for longer, for some until their late thirties. There’s also the fact that few Indian parents would allow their children to pack in their education for a career that still carries a whiff of the scandalous.

Isn't it better for a woman to start a career in her 20s instead of at 14 (or younger!) like American models?

RIP Shammi Kapoor... we'll miss you here on Earth.

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maeve66 said...

What a BRILLIANT clip; thank you so much for that song picturization. Helen, Saira Banu, and Shammi Kapoor. Wow.

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