Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Gossip

Today in gossip - Chatur Singh Two Star review round-up; Bips casting news; Diganth is looking for a heroine; and MORE!

* There isn't much gossip today so, let's run through the reviews of Chatur Singh Two Star. Reviewers are falling over themselves to try and work up the most cutting insults possible!

Pankit Narag for Apun Ka Choice:

Overall, Chatur Singh Two Star is a must ‘not’ watch; even if you are a Sanjay Dutt fan. And I axe out one star out of its title and give the movie just one; and that too just for courtesy sake! Be chatur and stay far away from Chatur Singh Two Star!

Ankur Pathak for Rediff gives NO STARS.

Every actor in the film acts badly, yet surpassing everyone else is Ameesha Patel. Sanjay Dutt's antiques make you believe him to be a B-grade duplicate, certainly not the actor you adored in Munnabhai or sympathized with in Vaastav.

As does Saibal Chatterjee for NDTV:

The eponymous hero, played by a thoroughly out of place Sanjay Dutt, is no Jacques Clouseau and Chatur Singh Two Star is no Pink Panther. Without a Govinda or an Arshad Warsi by his side, Dutt doesn’t pass muster as a comedian.He makes a complete hash of a role that should not have been written in the first place.

I'll leave out Rajeev Masand's review which swoons all over Sanju-baba and blames the mess on the screenwriter and Taran Adarsh, who gives it the highest rating I've seen... 1.5 stars.

* Here's a post on adapting books into Bollywood

* Bipasha Basu has signed on for Raaz 3!

* Prachi Desai has backed out of Diganth's Bollywood debut. Well, it's her loss - Diganth is all kinds of AWESOME-sauce.

* Imran Khan talks all sorts of things in a funny little interview.

“I have always been a supporter of gay rights and I have absolutely no qualms about being called a gay icon.”

* And a HILARIOUS interview with Sonam Kapoor. Check out the photo they printed next to her describing what she "doesn't" wear.

Sonam on Shahid: He doesn't give a damn about what he wears. He is too much of a teenager who dresses up like an 18-year-old skateboarder. He can pull off just about anything without raising eyebrows. But...and it's hilarious...he is extremely worried about his hair.

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