Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Gossip - I'M BACK EDITION!

Hello, my friends! I hope you didn't miss me too much... it has been a stressful week over here at Filmi Girl's. First an earthquake, then a rushed trip to visit family out in the sticks, and then a HURRICANE!!! It's going to be a relief to get back into the old routine.

So, it looks like I didn't miss much except a handful of trailers (which I'll post). August was kind of a dead month as far as new releases go - besides the floptastic Aarakshan and Chatur Singh No Star. September is gearing up to be MIND BLOWING, though, so get set for some squeeage!!! Next weekend is BODYGUARD, followed by Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, followed by MAUSAM, followed by a bunch of smaller films we may not get here on the global circuit (including Saheb Biwi aur Gangster and Speedy Singh), and then FORCE!!! Are you as psyched as I am?!

Okay, let's catch up with all the gossip!!! Today we've got some trailers (including AGNEEPATH); interviews with Ajay and Imran; update on Dhoom 3; and a few other odds and ends!

* It seems like the entire filmi fraternity got their panties in a twist over Anna Hazare. Om Puri has gotten into trouble over his harsh words to the government.

* Akshay looks back on twenty years in the business.

Even after twenty years in the industry, Akshay doesn't let people get too close to him. "No one has got close enough to use or abuse me and even if they did, I wouldn't get too emotional about it. The only thing I ever get emotional about is my family. I am kind to everyone but I trust no one. That keeps me from getting hurt," reveals the actor.

* Salman Khan is heading to the US for a medical procedure. If I knew where, I'd go leave him some flowers or something... GET WELL SOON, SALMAN-BHAI!

* Ajay Devgn and Prakash Jha have made up.

* And Ajay talks Rascals, which I know I'm going to enjoy in spite of myself.

And what makes you pick a script and say - 'Ok, so this is extraordinary'?

It's as simple as that. If you try to teach people something by showing them films, they will obviously get bored. They are not spending 150 bucks to hear your lecture. Better give them some entertainment.

* Imran Khan isn't chasing Hollywood and wants people to stop feeling apologetic about Bollywood.

"I like mainstream Bollywood films and I guess we should also stop feeling apologetic about our cinema. I enjoy over the top, loud, typical song and dance routines. It is something we are and for what we are known world over. We should be proud of our kind of cinema and I think there is nothing to be apologetic about our films.”

* Deepika's sister is not entering Bollywood. Okay, then...

And maybe this is the time to respond to Amaluu's comment on John Abraham being the female Deepika (i.e. pretty but not a great actress.) I would agree with that to a certain extent but there is one crucial difference - I think John is a lot smarter about choosing his film roles and he rarely takes up films that are over his head - something like his part in Taxi No. 9211 is a great example or even in Dostana. Both essentially involved him playing pretty boys but the scripts were smart and the films did well. And he has a MUCH higher ratio of hits to flops than La Padukone.

* Speaking of... John Abraham is fighting with Sanjay Gupta over dialogues that abuse the police in Shootout at Wadala.

* Bebo explains that her fans like the desi girl look.

"Also, my fans seem to like the desi girl look going by the popularity of Geet (her character in Jab We Met, 2007) and Pia (3 Idiots, 2009), so I have my hopes up. We have played around with innovative colours schemes by mixing together different dyes to create interesting palettes on screen.”

* Five new releases for Lollywood.

* Apparently not everybody is willing to bend schedules for the soon to be released Baby Bachchan... Dhoom 3 is going on the floors as planned in November. I have two words: VICTOR ACHARYA!!!

TRAILER TIME!!!! Can you even handle it?!

Agneepath! Okay, I admit it... I GOT GOOSEBUMPS! This trailer provides the answer to a question I didn't know had even been asked: Do I want to see Hrithik Roshan do some dishoom-dishooming? Answer: YES!

Also, how about Rishi Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt?! DANG!

RGV's new Telugu film Bezwada, which looks pretty freaking awesome!

Teaser for Dirty Picture... TOO SHORT! I want more!

And for "Chammak Chhalo" from Ra.1!

Okay? OKAY!


Jess said...

I am ridiculously excited for the next lineup of film releases, it was such a good summer I want it to continue!

That is NOT what I was expecting from does look really good.

If Chammak Chhalo is going to be SRK lip syncing to Akon..I just can't.. that just seems like an AWFUL idea. He should follow Akki's lead and have the rapper IN the video.

Michael Barnum said...

I don't understand why some think John Abraham is not a good actor, I think he has done some mighty fine work.

...and happy to hear Imran's opinion of Bollywood...which of course I am sure we all echo! :)

...and lastly, thanks Filmigirl for keeping us updated on the Lollywood new releases..just hope they get subtitled DVD releases so that we can enjoy them!!

Moimeme said...

Welcome back! I did miss you! And congratulations for living through all the acts of nature.

I just wanted to say that technically Bodyguard is an August release, as it's releasing on Aug. 31. :)

Amaluu said...

I LOVE that Imran Khan quote - it made me really, really happy!!!

And as for John Abraham, I think it's just one of those tomato to-mah-to things ... some people think he's good, I personally don't. I actually laugh when he tries to 'act' ... but I understand that different people react differently to things. I feel like people give him way too much credit and find him totally unappealing. But again, that's just me. Thanks for the response though!

Filmi Girl said...

@Jess Agreed on all three points! I mean, it's AKON! Get him in the picture!!

@Michael :) I don't think John is a great actor but he is always worth watching.

@Moimeme You are correct! I guess I pushed out of my mind the fact that I will not be able to see it until this weekend. ;)

@Amaluu LOL! Maybe this is one of those things that is a taste issue... I certainly roll my eyes at any number of overly-praised people. What's interesting to me about John is that he has a pretty good hit/flop ratio and he doesn't usually take on things he can't do. Anyone of limited talent is better served by honing those skills (ala John in Dostana) instead of taking whatever solo hero projects come their way (ala Neil Nitin Mukesh).

pixel pitz said...

Oooh Agneepath looks awesome - yeah Ravi K!

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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