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Friday Gossip!

Important announcement!!!! London folks!!! There will be a Pran retrospective and if you miss it, I will fly out there and personally scold you! It's PRAN! PRANNNNN!

Okay, sorry about yesterday, Blogger swallowed my gossip post whole!! It was awful!

So, I repeated a few stories - today in gossip: Samir Chanda passes away leaving Joker unfinished; interviews with a ton of folks including Ameesha Patel and Salman Khan; assorted song promos and MORE!!!!

* Art director Samir Chanda has passed away, leaving his work on Joker incomplete.

* Salman Khan knows women.

Considering you’ve had several romantic relationships, what according to you is the one thing that women want from a man?

A woman would want her man to be charming, lovable, and sweet. She would want flowers, chocolates and candlelit dinners.

But a lot of women today prefer to be practical and may not want their man to present them with all those things...

Oh do you know any woman like that?’s not true. It’s all in theory. In reality they love to have all of the above.

It's funny because it's true... sigh. (WHERE ARE MY FLOWERS AND CHOCOLATES?!)

* Dhoom 3 will feature a BRAND NAME white girl, only.

The flash-decision was taken a fortnight ago in a closed-door meeting. Apparently Yashraj is not looking at a non-descript Caucasian starlet, like the ones who paired with Aamir Khan in Lagaan and Rang De Basanti.

Oh, so, you mean, like, "real actresses" like Rachel Shelly are out? And gori bikini models are in? I'm sure Akshay can hook you up with Denise Richards. Is that a big enough name?

* Mahie Gill talks Not a Love Story.

Also, when shooting, Mahie and her cast and crew colleagues would often think about the protagonists in the film – that’s the closest they came to empathising with the real people behind the characters. “While shooting our scenes in the flat (the same building where the real life incident occurred), we would often think about how they (Maria Susairaj and Jerome Mathew) managed to chop the body into pieces, burn it and then put it into packets in such a small place,” she says, matter-of-factly.

* And RGV is facing another lawsuit over Not a Love Story, unrelated to the content.

The plaintiff, Shareef Ahmed Zuberi, filed the suit claiming his movie, Lov Affair, based on the Grover case was “70% complete” when he found out that Varma was releasing his film. Zuberi also pleaded the court to stay the release of Varma’s film, which the court rejected.

* Jackie Fernandez replaces Chitrangda Singh in Krrish 2!

* Kajal Agarwal is still signing films in South and even says:

Commenting about the Kannada film industry, she says, “Kannada film industry might be small but it reels out some realistic cinema. They have a soul and loads of entertainment. I’d love to do a Kannada movie someday,’’ she sums up.

What a real class act! I have really grown to like Kajal quite a bit.

* Raveena Tandon: Upstanding Human Being.

“My mother and I used to help a lot NGOs. And there were these two girls, who were not getting the life they deserved. They were my second cousins’ daughters. Their mother had passed away and their father was an alcoholic. So I took them into my family,” says Raveena, who now, two decades later, is looking forward to attending her older daughter’s English wedding in Cape Town.

Congratulations, Raveena! I hope it's a beautiful wedding!

* This story is pretty funny... apparently at a press event, journalists kept bugging Imran Khan for quotes on Anna. His response was:

" Please ask questions related to the event."

Which the article spins this way:

Maybe, Imran hasn't forgotten how mamu Aamir was targeted when he lent his voice to the cause of displaced villagers in the Narmada issue.

Or maybe he doesn't have anything to say on the issue and doesn't feel like a paid event is an appropriate place to talk politics.

* Sonakshi Sinha confuses Bollywood gossipers by signing a film with Shahrukh Khan, to be directed by Abhinav Kashyap. Come on, Sonakshi, don't you know that the media has decided that NOBODY is allowed to work with Salman AND Shahrukh? You're confusing their poor, little minds.

* Priyadarshan is remaking Salt'n'Pepper.

* Shilpa Shetty talks about her new film The Desire.

Known so far for her perfect figure (“the best body in the industry” as fashion photographers put it) and her item number oomph, R Sarath’s debut Bollywood venture required her to present another skill; play an Odissi dancer. “I have been a Bharatnatyam exponent and this film gave me a chance to learn a new dance form and also do an author-backed role. The film charts my character’s journey through life,” states Shetty.

* You guys know I don't put much stock in link-up rumors but this was too bizarre! Sonu Sood and Charmee? As the article explains:

Probably, people believed rumours since he is a handsome hunk.

Well, he may deny the link up rumors but there is no denying that!

* Ameesha Patel is clinging to relevancy.

"The industry went through a phase where a woman was nothing but a showpiece. It was all about 'Hit-the-gym', 'Get-into-a-bikini' and that became your role. I didn't want to do those roles. So it was for my passion for cinema and the will to do something different, that I turned to production."

Uh-uh... right. Two words, Ameesha, Lazy Lamhe. That film also happens to be my favorite performance of hers. Whatever reason she wasn't getting work through most of the 2000s, it had NOTHING to do with the kinds of roles being offered.

And then there is her feud with Kangana:

"I don't know her at all. I think our supposed 'rift' was something she spoke about, printed and created for herself. I guess, sometimes people do things they don't realize, which turns out to be silly, for their own publicity. Recently, at Maanyata's birthday bash, Kangna was nowhere around and I was the one cutting the cake with her. "

Um... yeah. Why do I suspect that these stories were planted by Ameesha?

* The perennial question of limiting actors by ethnic background is raised once again, this time in Andhra Pradesh.

* This is from yesterday but since my gossip post was (sob) completely eaten, I'll share it now. Professor Harish S Wankhede looks at the simplistic morality of most Bollywood productions when it comes to class, caste, and politics. It's an interesting read but where he loses me is when he talks about Hollywood:

BOLLYWOOD IS yet to produce a hero from the marginalised sections who may be acceptable to the masses as their own. In the United States, the rich popularity of artists like Michael Jackson, Samuel Jackson, Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Jackie Chan and Jennifer Lopez reflects the acceptability of racial and cultural differences by the people and even the filmmakers there have shown tremendous openness in depicting them as the main lead in their films.

Yeah... NO! This is so much bullshit. What the United States does have is a parallel entertainment industry for black people, where every once in a while an actor crosses over to "mainstream" aka white entertainment. When you see an ethnic minority actor, 99 times out of 100, they are playing a sidekick to a white person. I would also emphasize that the lives of those in marginalized parts of American society are rarely depicted in mass media in a way that reflects their stories. E.g. when was the last time you saw a Native American actor playing anything other than a casino owner or a half-naked savage? Or how about The Help which thoughtfully depicts black maids in the segregated South from the point of view of some white people?

(Final treat: Kabir Bedi walks the ramps of Lakme Fashion Week and gets zinged about his botox. I LOVE FASHION PEOPLE!)


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And my new jam... "Madhubala" from Mere Brother Ki Dulhan!


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I already know I'm going to love Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. The boys are too cute, and Katrina cutting loose looks like fun. AND the songs are great.

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I REALLY hope the news about Jacqueline replacing Chitrangda in Krrish 2 is not true. I was really looking forward to Chitrangda breaking through with something big, and her chemistry with Hrithik is bound to be fantastic. Also, the thought of her playing a sexy mutant villain is pretty mindblowing. Seriously, with that face and that talent, Chitrangda needs to be huge.

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