Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Gossip

Today in gossip - VANITY PROJECT time with Tell Me O Kkhuda trailer; Aarakshen serves up supremely lackluster reviews; and more!

* The BBC picks up on the Aarakshan ban and Amitabh Bachchan asks if he is living in a fascist state.

* Rachel Saltz stinks up the New York Times with her hack writing (and you thought Taran Adarsh was the king of the bullshit non-review review) and the Wall Street Journal - as always - has the complete review rundown on Aarakshan.

My personal favorite one was this review.

Saif, who has evolved enormously as an actor in the last decade, does a very unconvincing job playing a class conscious Dalit. The pronunciations, mannerisms and style of walking show no significant change, reminding you of the same urbane, sophisticated actor we have seen so many times in other movies. Deepika tries her best to look like a simple Bhopali girl and fails miserably in doing so. The permed, highlighted hair, Fab India clothing and the convent chaap dialogue delivery haven’t helped matters. Prateik is surprisingly bad. While it is no secret that he is still to evolve as an actor, the lack of expressions and shouting through dialogues becomes especially pronounced vis-à-vis actors like Saif and Bachchan.

[BRB LOLING forever]

I got some flack from folks on twitter when I tweeted some of La Padukone's awful reviews but let me say this - I wouldn't be so hard on her if she didn't keep taking roles that require, you know, ACTING. And the industry keeps offering them to her for some reason. She provide great publicity, I suppose.

(But you know what, maybe completing dubbing for a film in four days isn't necessarily a mark of a genius talent but instead may indicate a lackadaisical attitude towards performance... just saying...)

* Ravi Kisshan is upset at the nude photo because he's says a bigger star than depicted (in both senses).

* I know we're all dying to see the result of Hema Malini's hard work to get Esha back into the spotlight... Tell Me O Khuda first look.

* And a new poster for That Girl in Yellow Boots as it goes on the international circuit.

* Ramesh Sippy is making an acting debut playing a director! And Anurag Kashyap is making another cameo.

* Mink Brar takes back her confession - she's not a lesbian just a party girl.

“A lot of girls kiss other girls in Truth or Dare games when they are high, I didn’t find anything wrong with what I have done. I just shared a passionate moment with her and didn’t find anything wrong with that. Next day, I started getting a call from somebody asking me repeatedly if I was a lesbian. I was having a hangover and I didn’t know what to say."

Ugh!!! Straight girls who kiss other girls to be 'edgy' or for men to watch them are the WORST!

* Is the world ready for Neil Nitin Mukesh's vanity project? (I suspect this will make a nice twofer Box Office Poison edition along with Uday Chopra's vanity project Pyaar Impossible.)

And speaking of vanity projects... Tell Me O Kkhuda trailer.


Sal said...

"I wouldn't be so hard on her if she didn't keep taking roles that require, you know, ACTING." That's EXACTLY how I feel about Katrina. IMO, her acting has ranged from unconvincing to unwatchable in everything she's done other than Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahaani and ZNMD. In Raajneeti, especially, all the hype about her Hindi diction was such claptrap, since her dialogue delivery was so stilted. I am still not sure what to think of Deepika, actually, but she's certainly expressive in whatever I've watched her in.

Jess said...

Sal, it seems you think Katrina does take on roles that require 'acting' which I think is not very often the case. She usually sticks in her comfort zone, she has expanded box of course, but its not like she's getting offered the same films Kareena or PC are. That's the thing I think filmigirl is saying about Deepika. She is getting offered more heavy acting roles, when she should be following Katrina's lead and sticking to stuff she can actually do. At least I think thats it.

Filmi Girl said...

@Jess That's it exactly. Dippy gets offered roles that require more than she is capable of delivering... and she takes them and fails to do a good job but everybody ignores it and keeps offering her these roles for whatever reason.

With Kat, 99% of the time she sticks to things she can do - you may not enjoy films like Tees Maar Khan but Katrina did exactly what was required of her.

Sal said...

I see your point, but Katrina *is* getting the acting parts, though the movies those parts are in might not be stellar. Raajneeti, Namaste London and New York all required her to act, and she was not easy to watch; Yah Chopra's next will also no doubt require her to perform, and I am very nervous about the outcome. Furthermore, she can be pretty terrible even in the fluffy stuff, and I am talking about her acting in the most technical sense; her dialogue delivery and emotional pitch seem just completely off to me. Fortunately, I do think she takes her work very seriously, and given low-key parts that don't require convincing Hindi (ZNDM), she will probably only get better. The sad part is that the actresses who can actually deliver the goods when it comes to heavy-lifting acting parts are not going to be cast because they don't fit the industry's image of what's "happening" or are considered over-the-hill, and by the time Katrina, Deepika and their ilk actually get good at what they do, they too will probably be considered past their expiration date. :(

kavi said...

Seems like hema malini can direct only movies with multiple choice who's your parent plot! Her 'dil ashna hai' was about divya bharti looking for her real mom amongst three, and TMOK is about finding easha's dad !! Also, why has esha been styled to look like deepika ?!!

Filmi Girl said...

@Sal See, I thought Kat was great in Namastey London and New York - and okay in Raajneeti. As for her dialogue delivery - maybe the accent and Western mannerisms just don't gel for you?

I do agree 100% on real actresses not getting roles, though. It's a real shame.

@Kavi LOL!!! I think Hema Malini must be working out her 'unofficial' wife status on film...

Divya said...

Maybe there are so few options for directors out there who actually want someone with star power and someone who actually looks a bit Indian. Case in point Aarakshan and khelo jee jaan se.Kareena, Katrina and Kangna simpy would not look like simple Bhopali or Bengali girls. so that leaves us with PC and Deepika Padukone. Rani and Bipasha would work as well, but unfortunately they are considered as "mature" actresses. My question is how does Katrina keep getting parts. She looks good but the moment she opens her mouth, you are jerked completely out of the movie. If they must cast her, can't Bollywood do the decent thing and at least have someone else dub for her.

Filmi Girl said...

@Divya Interesting point on getting a regional look! (Although, Priyanka with all her surgery really doesn't look like a "normal" girl anymore...)

From what I've seen, there are a fairly wide variety of ways to look "Indian" - and maybe the solution for producers looking to make serious films is to not cast stars unless they are sure of a good fit, lookswise. Or to mold the nationality of the character to fit the actor or actress.. (e.g. Don't cast a chhote nawab as a Dalit.)

As for Katrina - she gets roles because mainstream audiences like her. And she's smart enough - or her producers are smart enough - to make her playing an NRI so her accent is explained.

Not everybody has to like her but you have to admit that she can bring in the punters and that is reason enough to cast her in mainstream fare.

Sal said...

@Filmi Girl: The point about Katrina's star power cannot be disputed. The lady definitely gets butts parked on theatre seats. She might be the most beloved Hindi film leading lady right now.
@Kavi: OMG I had the same reaction when I read a synopsis of Tell Me O Khuda's plot. Divya Bharti was adorable and could act, though. Esha . . . eh.

Bombay Talkies said...

Re: a regional look--would it kill a director to give Mahi Gill a part every now and again?

As for Katrina, even though I'm starting to come around on her (I thought she gave her most natural performance yet in ZNMD) I can't get behind her performance in Namastey London being anything close to good. The only thing more cringe-worthy in that film than Katrina was Upen Patel.

She's pretty and has a good figure and that puts people in the seats but she's got a long ways to go before she can be called a good actress. She's getting better but she's not there yet.

Jess said...

I agree with what you guys are saying about Katrina, and I'll just add that maybe she doesn't really need to be a good actress. She is mega popular now, her films are huge hits, why should she worry about being a great actress? I mean, she's never claimed to be anything other than what she is, and people like her the way she is so does it matter if she actually gets a lot better?

Also, that is not what I thought Tell Me O Kkhuda was going to be about before I saw the trailer...

Divya said...

@Filmigirl: I completely agree about casting actors that suit the part. e.g. Kareena was great as the Punjabi girl in Jab we met and Kangana was quite the suprise as Tanu.
I tend to give Deepika the benefit of the doubt since she adds variety to the standard Bollywood looks. Same reason I'am a fan of Sonakshi eventhough I didn't see Dabbang.Priyanka is looking rather manufactured these days :)
Katrina was adorable in ZNMD, but in Rajneeti or even in TMK her accent was an hindrance.

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