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Bodyguard Publicity! Interview with Shera!

My dear blog friends, every once in a while I receive "pre-packaged" items in my e-mail box and I very rarely post them because I enjoy doing all my own writing (and thinking).

However, because Blogger was cruel enough to eat my post this morning, I wanted to give you guys something fun to read instead. Just keep in mind that I DID NOT do this interview, it was sent to me as is. Call me a softy but all the Bodyguard promotions with Salman Khan's REAL BODYGUARD Shera are making me more than a teeny bit emotional. There is something so sweet and pure about dedicating your life to protecting somebody else.



1. Since how many years are you with Salman Khan, please share with us what kind of a bond you share?

I have been with Salmanbhai since 15 years, he is my ‘Malik’ (boss). Our bond it too special and if I start talking about it will take me a lifetime to share everything, so to sum it up he is my boss, brother and friend.

2. Salman had asked you to unveil the first theatrical of his next film ‘Bodyguard’. Were you aware that you were chosen to do that? How did it feel?

I have been close to Salman bhai for years but I never imagined that I would be given such a huge honour. It was a surprise for me when I was asked to unveil the first look and give a speech on him. I was completely clueless and overwhelmed by the honour that such a big star gave me. No one has ever done that before in our industry. It was indeed a very special moment for me! It feels good to see the amount of faith he has placed in me. Which other superstar can do something like that? Only he has such a big heart to do it.

3. We hear that you are doing an interesting dance and act bit in the item song of Bodyguard, you have faced the camera for the first time in your life. Share your thoughts and experience.

Yes, this is the first time I will be in front of the camera with Salman bhai and Katrina doing an item song for the film. The item song is called `Aaya re aaya bodyguard...' and we shot it at Film City. This song will be the title montage. It was scary and I was nervous. But I will never forget this experience.

4. You have been Salman’s bodyguard for years now and today he has elevated you to a different position altogether. How does it feel?

It is nothing less than a dream but I have been there to earn that confidence. Salman bhai is such a huge star and for someone like him showing such trust in me is nothing short of a miracle. In front of the whole world, he said that this is my most trusted man. Isn’t that great?

5. Salman recently said that if ever you were to write a book on him he will be doomed since you know all his secrets. Do you ever plan on writing a book on him?

I will never write a book on Salman Bhai. This is one thought which has never occurred to me. I cannot break his trust. He said all these things in jest and I would like to keep it that way.

6. Salman is known for his anger and public splats. How do you deal with such situations?

Salmanbhai has no enemies. He is a great human being and I am there only to guard him at public places and events. He is my boss, brother and friend. I can give my life for him.

7. Salman Khan refused an in-film branding offer of Rs 7 crores by a security company and instead chose to wear the uniform of Shera's company. What do you have to say about that?

You can imagine his liking for me by that. He is a real nice man at heart and when he was offered he knew that I own a security company called Tiger Security that supplies bodyguards to bigwigs in the industry so he chose to only wear my company’s logo.

8. Did you offer any advice to Salman Khan, who plays bodyguard to Kareena Kapoor in his next film?

Salman has noted me so closely for past many years that he didn't need any advice. He looks damn smart and handsome in the film. He is the real life Bodyguard.

9. According to you which heroine suits the best with Salman? And when should Salman get married?

Salmanbhai looks good with anyone and everyone. And regarding marriage this is his personal decision so what do I say. When the time is right it will happen.

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