Monday, August 8, 2011

Beauty Pageant Week: Sushmita Sen

Check out the intro and first post on Miss World 1994 Aishwarya Rai here

Pageant Achievements: Sushmita Sen

Feminia Miss India*, 1994

Once again, the final moments of the 1994 Femina Miss India pageant!

Much of the actual crowning is obscured by this giant downpour of confetti but it's a fun watch nonetheless! She looks like she's about to burst with happiness... ah, how sweet is victory...

Miss Universe, 1994

Somebody thoughtfully compiled a highlights reel of Sushmita in the pageant! My favorite part is where they play a voiceover of Sush discussing how much she enjoys poetry while she is busy strutting her stuff in a swimsuit.

Judge: “If you had the time and money to embark upon a great adventure, what would it be?”

Sushmita: “Well, I think, adventure for me is something that I enjoy within me and I think children are the little things that can really bring a lot of adventure in your life. And if I had the time and the money and I could do something, I wouldn’t say I would something for the children who are downtrodden, any child is worth your while. I would do something for the children so I could enjoy my time with them, go out and have a good time with them. Thank you very much.”

It’s very sweet to hear this from Sushmita all those years ago because once she actually did become established in her career, she adopted two little girls.

Sushmita rocking the swimsuit competition!


All hail the Queens of 1994!

Miss Universe Sushmita Sen with Miss World Aishwarya Rai, showing of their bling!

Posing with her crown in front of the Taj Mahal!

Sushmita’s acting career seems to be at an end, but she now runs her own pageant called I Am She - the winner of her pageant goes to compete for Miss Universe, the very title that Sushmita herself won!

*Just a note on the competitions - Feminia Miss India is a pageant organized by Femina magazine. At the time, the winner was sent to the Miss Universe pageant, the first runner up went to Miss World. Feminia Miss India now sends winners to Miss International instead.

Miss Universe is the pageant owned by Donald Trump - it’s where Miss USA is sent off to.

Miss World is a British-run pageant and is a more conservative than Miss Universe.

There is also the Ford Supermodel of the World competition and the Gladrags Megamodel Manhunt which technically aren’t beauty pageants but I’m including them anyways.


Amaluu said...

WHOA. In that first pic she totally reminds me of Deepika Padukone! Weird. A story I loved about Sush was one I heard about the shooting of Dastak, where she refused to let the hero of the movie "save" her in the end and fought with the director to have her save herself! Go Sush!

Anishok said...

Sush is such a class her.

Anonymous said...

If you ever have the time, I hope you feature one of the Femina Miss India 1994 finalists, Shweta Menon.

She's had an amazing second innings in her mother tonque recently, winning the Kerala State Award and balancing glamorous roles with serious ones. I think you'd like her.

Here she is in the film that's all the rage in Kerala right now, Salt N Pepper:

Lime(tte) said...

So sad that Sushmita's acting career has come to such a tragic end... she definitely had potential.

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