Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday Gossip!

Hello, blog friends! I'm sorry for the lack of real posts this week - I've been super busy and haven't had as much time to write when I get home from work. I do have three or four posts that I'm working on so hopefully I'll get those up at some point soon. I also have one interview in the bag and one to set up...

Plus, you know I'll be doing a concert review for Atif and Sunidhi on Friday!!

Now, today in gossip - No Smoking wins some praise from somebody besides me; Celina Jaitely is big in Karnataka; Akshay hits Hollywood; Frieda Pinto ignores Bollywood; and MORE!

* My top story today is that FINALLY somebody besides me sees the value in No Smoking. It won top awards at a Film Fest in China. (My old review from ages ago is here and don't worry, it's definitely on my list of flops to cover.)

* Eros Entertainment is still looking like
a good investment, UK folks.

* The
ZNMD team is giving some of its profits to the victims of the Mumbai attacks.

* Abhinay Deo
gives the post-game on his recent films.

You made two diagonally opposite films, Game and Delhi Belly, in the same year. One became a hit and other a flop...

It's actually funny. The same amount of effort was put into both the films. You don't know what is going to work and what's not in the film industry. You can only try your best. And it was quite by chance that I was doing two absolutely opposite films. It was a roller coaster ride for me. When I read the DB script, I knew it would have an extreme reaction. Either it would become a cult or be hated. Even with
Game, we pushed the envelope where the standard of Bollywood thrillers is concerned. Somewhere down the line something about the film didn't work.

Did he not see
Game? Where exactly was the envelope pushed, except in inducing boredom in the second half?

* Ajay Devgn talks

Quiz Ajay on how much he relates to Bajirao Singham, his character in Singham, and he says, “I feel people want someone like Bajirao around — a straightforward, honest and simple man — really hard to find in today’s time.”

When I read that description, something clicked in my head - that is exactly the kind of character Ajay Devgn loves sinking his teeth into! In other words,
Singham is going to be pretty boss.

* A casting rumor has Ajay Devgn doing RGV's

However quiz Ajay about this and he returns a puzzled expression. "What? Am I supposed to be doing BHHOOoo? Now that's news to me and I am hearing it for the first time only from you. Where has this piece of information come in", questions Ajay who sounded genuinely baffled about the latest developments.

* RGV has replaced Kangana Ranaut with...
Anjana Sukhani in Department! I hope Anjana is still looking as lush as she was in Maleyali Jotheyali.

* Katrina has agreed to do an
item song for Salman's Bodyguard. (I'm sure Bebo is thrilled.)

* Katrina also had to apologize for referring to Rahul Gandhi
half Indian. (I'm sure Bebo is thrilled.)

In an interview to a newspaper, the actress had reportedly said: “Am I supposed to beashamed that I am half-Asian, I mean, no! Rahul Gandhi is half-Indian, half-Italian. So? I am very proud of what I am and I just don’t understand the confusion … as if I’m trying to hide the fact that my mother is a British. Why would I?”

* Salman and Sanjay are co-hosting
Bigg Boss next season.

* I can only feel so sorry for models whose jobs are being taken by
actors and I can only feel so sorry for Frieda Pinto having to defend her decision not to do any Indian films. Frieda is a mediocre actress - competent but nothing special. There are any number of girls in the industry who can do what she does and loads of better actresses. Frieda is benefitting from exoticism in Hollywood, which is totally fine, but that doesn't necessarily translate to being able to carry a Hindi language film.

* Are you even ready for
Golmaal 3 in Telugu? Victory Venkatesh hopes so...

* Remember when Celina Jaitley was doing a Kannada film? Apparently it's
a hit! Congrats, Celina!

* The makers of
Gandhi to Hitler are suing Anupam Kher for breach of contract.

* Prachi Desai is getting - that oh, so delicious phrase -
a bold makeover.

* This story
confuses me. So, if I understand correctly, the first Indian 3D movie My Dear Kuttichathan, which came out like 30 years ago, is being digitized and re-released with two characters replaced digitally by Prakash Raaj and Urmila Matondkar? This is a good idea why?

* You guys, I'm really nervous for Akshay and
Breakaway. I don't want American reviewers to make fun of his movie!! And I can't help but feel there has been some odd cross-cultural miscommunication that got Drake and Luda in an ice hockey film.

* Lastly,
GOLMAAL 4!!!!!!!

Here's a look at Celina's Kannada film
Srimathi, which actually stars Upendra and his wife Priyanka. Can't wait for the DVD!


larissa said...

Re: Breakaway. Drake's presence can probably be explained because the movie is set in Toronto. And if Akshay could get Snoop to appear in a song for Singh Is Kinng, it's not so surprising he could get Luda for Breakaway.

Have you seen the trailer? It looks pretty run-of-the-mill, like Bend It Like Beckham only with a male lead and hockey instead of soccer.

Bluemay said...

Article on Frieda is not trying to make anyone feel sorry for her. She never got BW offers and due to Slumdog she's working where she's wanted. She may be mediocre but she is a realist and likeable in her interviews. If you think Frieda is mediocre, I fail to understand why you think so highly of Kat, who is expressionless and persona non gratis in interviews.

Filmi Girl said...

@larissa I think it looks fun in an ABC Family Channel kind of way. :)

@bluemay Are you kidding me?! Frieda sounds so snobby and pretentious in that interview. She clearly thinks she is better than Hindi films. Katrina in her interviews is always very reserved because she doesn't want to give too much of her private self away. I respect that. I don't particularly care who she is dating but that's all the journalists want to ask...

kunalmistry said...

Chhota Chetan was released twice. 1st time in 1984 which was then dubbed in Hindi and released in 1998 with some added scenes with Urmila Matondkar.

larissa said...

lol! ABC Family Channel is the perfect analogy :-)

Indian Essay said...

Lookswise, Indian audiences *may* reject her and she's also a mediocre actress to boot!

Freida looks like an average Indian girl - she looks good, but no great shakes in terms of beauty. Indian film (female) stars are pretty stunning in terms of looks, be it mainstream ones like Kareena, Kat, etc or even non-mainstream ones like Nandita Das, Konkona etc..

Bluemay said...

@FG, we will always disagree on Kat because what you see as reserved, I see as devoid of personality and any opinion. You're her uber fan and she ruins movies for me.

@Indian Essay, I agree Frieda is not looks worthy for BW filmi standards and I think she's fully aware of it. She is smart enough to take advantage of her fifteen minutes and work where she is wanted.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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