Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday Gossip

Today in gossip - the WSJ explains the policy of Reservation in relation to Aarakshan; Jal's Goher Mumtaz hits the small screen; hear from the gora producer of Delhi Belly; Farhan Akhtar has no clue about money; Arundati remake is being talked about; new promo song for Mere Brother Ki Dulhan; and MORE!

* The
Wall Street Journal gives some insight into Aarakshan and the policy of Reservation. Some interesting history for those of us who may not be familiar with the events depicted.

The filmmaker isn’t necessarily a fan of affirmative action as it stands, however. He said it appeared to him that, for the most part, groups that affirmative action is meant to aid continued to live in abject poverty even decades later and just a handful manage to benefit. He also said he feels the quota system has made India’s education system more mercenary, with students who have enough money to take additional tutoring — or even purchase a seat — more likely to get the scarce spots that are not reserved.

* Apparently,
Delhi Belly was made with an American producer, Jim Furgele. What's notable about this interview is he seems to think he has a career ahead of him in India.

I am going back to the US after a few days to meet some people from Hollywood. There is a film I want to produce that will be shot in Romania at one point. I want to go and explore the world and shoot films everywhere. I don't know what's installed in the US for me. As of now, I am going to try my luck in Bollywood for the next couple of years. My focus is India right now.

Well, good luck, dude... it's not easy for a white guy to make it. You may find it tougher than you think to make another hit film...
Delhi Belly was popular with a certain segment of the audience but the bumper opening numbers are thanks to Aamir Khan. And I've talked to more than a few film fans who really didn't find the film to their tastes at all...

* Om Puri talks

What about the role of black money there?

There used to be a lot of black money, as film financers were either estate builders or from the underworld. The underworld used smuggling as a source of money. That has cleared up because the market is now open in India. Earlier you didn't get Scotch; you didn't get fancy cigarettes or perfume. Now what are you going to smuggle?

* Farhan Akhtar is
out of touch with reality.

But not everyone can afford to take a trip to Spain and expect to solve the problems of their lives in the process...

Well if you are saying that all the characters in the film are filthy rich, that isn't true. My character comes from a middle-class background and anyone from a lower-middle class background can afford a trip to Spain.

Yeah... no. Farhan, I love you but, don't talk class or money issues please. Stick to what you know. The only lower middle-class families who can afford a trip to Spain are those who live in Europe already and can just drive there.

Arundhati REMAKE!!!! This had better happen and... Sonu Sood had better be playing the same-same role!

* Salman Khan, thankfully, has not time for hack director
Rensil D'Silva and Dharma Entertainment. Well, at least they have all those Y Films pretty boys to choose from!

* Jal's
Goher Mumtaz also takes up acting... on television!

* And guess who is Madhur's new
Heroine? KAREENA KAPOOR! This should be interesting - no way is Bebo putting up with any nonsense. She'll want this to be a hit.

Lastly, check out the title track for
Mere Brother Ki Dulhan!

This movie looks SO CUTE!

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Mere Brother Ki Dulhan looks like a wonderful film, and if it is half as enjoyable as that song, I will love it!

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